Sabtu, 12 Mac 2011

VIR in MACC Perak

POH, March 11 — The RM23.4 million Perak Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office complex is the first MACC office in the country to be equipped with a video interview recording (VIR) room to record the statements of accused persons and suspects.

MACC deputy chief commissioner (Management and Professionalism) Datuk Zakaria Jaffar said today the VIR room was equipped with two cameras and recording apparatus which would record all conversation and conduct of accused persons, suspects and the investigating officers.

"This sophisticated facility is in line with the MACC aspiration and practice to give importance to transparency in discharging its duty," he said at the handing over of the Perak MACC office complex in Meru Raya here by the Public Works Department.

A VCD of the recording would be given to the accused person, the investigating officer and the prosecution, he said.

Perak MACC director Nooraziah Abdul Manaf said that with the availability of the recording, irresponsible people would not be able to arbitrarily accuse the MACC of ill-treating anyone during questioning.

On allegations that a Perak state executive councillor was under investigation by the MACC, she said the matter was still under investigation.

"No one is guilty during an investigation. We will investigate and send a report to the headquarters which will evaluate the matter," she said. — Bernama
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