Jumaat, 26 November 2010

You don't need to wear a uniform to serve the country

As a young Malaysian Chinese, I joined the air force in 1976. I remember it was May 1st that year when I arrived at Port Dickson camp.

Later, came the rest of my comrades. It was about 300 of us then.

The first month was tough. Not only physically, but to be accepted into the team was another thing.

The Malay boys from the kampungs viewed us as Chinese communists. But the training itself had no discrimination. We slept and ate in the same hall, bathed in a common room and received collective punishment if we did wrong.

After the second month we accepted each other as Malaysians and with one mission - to serve this nation.

I remembered one night in the jungle. It was 4am in the morning and my Malay comrade had to cook his meal as it was Puasa month.

It was raining very heavily. In order for him to cook and have his meal, I had to hold two sticks - one on each hand and laid a raincoat over it. This enabled him to prepare his meal. But I was soaked all over. It didn't matter because we were a team with one mission - to defend this nation.

I decided to leave after 16 years with a heavy heart. My last drawn pay was RM800. This was in 1991. I received my Sergeant rank six months before my service ended, with an increment of $10.

From the armed forces to the civilian world. I joined a multi-national company. From a maintenance engineer to manager.

But it is not the position that matters.

My contribution to all these companies, by training juniors and preparing them for the next level of responsibility and to eventually serve this nation, is what matters most.

I have one Malay engineer under me and he has moved up the ladder in the corporate world. Is it not patriotism in another form?

I gave my best 16 years of my life to this nation. (Defence Minister) Zahid (Hamidi), if you have nothing to say, please be silent. Silence is golden.

Zahid, if you want to say something, please say something that will give positive energy to this nation.

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  1. If only many more non Malays follow the writers footsteps, we will not this discussion today.

  2. zahid tu hanyalah pencacai aljub.saja nak cetuskan kontrovesi supaya org cina x sokong kerajaan BN.nnti lepas pru 13 ,bolehle aljub jd PM(barang dijauhkan Allah)

  3. Ha..ha.. once in a blue moon to see a young chinese fellow join the army to protect the country. What if the Malays boikot of joining the army. Let's us involved in business. Who will protect the country. Can all the managers and engineers hold the M16 when the anemy attack our country. Can you ever imagine such South and North Korea will involve in war. I don't beleive it before but now i am worried. Will the Indonesian attack us. Who knows.. ehmmmm....

  4. Hi my dearest Chinese friend . . .Serving the country . . willing to die for the country . . .are two separate issues here . . Its the later that Zahid is more concern about and it is the true patriotism that we are referring to . .When someone is willing to join and serve in the arm forces automatically we assume a person is willing to die for the country and remain that way until resignation or retirement . .At the moment the number of Chinese in the arm forces is not encouraging at all . .

  5. lets say all of us want to be a manager,engineer what so ever.....who do you think gonna drive a cab,tukang sapu moreover patrol our border....

  6. salam 1 malaysia...saya telah paut kan blog anda utk blog saya..kalau boleh paut kan blog saya utk blog anda..terima kasih dan salam perjuangan dari saya,penulis badut rakyat..


  7. Why be patriotic when the people you wish to fight for spits at you? I'd rather make sure I have something to eat when I am 60.

  8. Only the people who feel this their only country will know about this. It shows that you are not patriotic enough. What you are concern more is RM. I dont believe you live the post in "heavy hearted". Common bro, you should understand deeply what Zahid said and not just protect your mistake....