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DAP’s Vision: Christianity or Communism?

We all know that the DAP has always looked up to the communist insurgents in Malaya and considers them as heroes. The said party also wants to bring back Chin Peng by saying that the communist threat has already passed. To justify their action, the DAP also denied the history of Malaysia by creating stories that favours the communist. They even distribute flyers that say the communist insurgents were part of the independence movement in Malaya. In the same time, they plant the seed of distrust for the government to the people of Malaysia by saying that the current government are denying the contribution of the communist insurgent because of racial policies.

The Chinese who are famous for their racism believe the stories told by the DAP. Many of them were direct descendants of these communist terrorist.

When the Chinese community oppose the National School and opt to go to Chinese National School, the condition became much worst because the Chinese School do not emphasize on the History subject. We are also doubtful whether the subjects are taught the same way as it is taught in national schools. Does it carry the aspiration of the nation or the aspiration of the communist?

Now, the product of these Chinese Schools are leaving their schools and entering adulthood while carrying with them the hatred of Malays and doubting the government. These are the people that we see challenging and provoking Islam and the Malays in the internet. Almost every day there are individuals who intentionally post provocative statements so that the Malays will stand up and retaliate. What is more disgusting is the fact that they are currently asking the Indians to do the same.

Not only that, they are willing to give a lot of money to produce a movie about the heroism of communist during the 14 days of terror that all of us Malaysians have to endure. The movie titled "The New Village" are so controversial and shows that the communist laid their lives for Malayan independence. We believe, many of the students from Chinese Schools has no idea on the truth and believe everything that is said and portrayed in the film is true. They were indoctrinated by their parents and teachers in their Chinese Schools. Plus, the DAP support for the communist is also a factor.

However, it is weird that the DAP is also upholding the aspiration of the Christians. The DAP Christian agenda is no longer a secret as everyone knows the mission of the DAP to abolish the clause which states the word Islam as the religion of the country in the constitution. As a replacement, Christianity will be the official religion of the country and this particular plan is being worked out in Subang Jaya and also Pulau Pinang. A DAP program video that is attended by Christian priest who vowed to ensure that Malaysia will become a Christian nation has also went viral. DAP is also the main party who pushed the government to agree with the usage of the word "Allah" in the Malay version of the Bible.

We consider that this is weird as Christian and Communism are two different worlds all together. The values and faith of Christians are not in line with Communism that puts everyone as the same, and only the ruler or party leader will have absolute power. Meanwhile Christian believes in moral and theological values.

Thus, for the DAP, to be awed by the Communist while still holding to their Christian shows that the DAP themselves do not understand their own mission. Maybe because they are too 'obsessed' with their own race and they hate the Islamic faith and the Malay community, the DAP never take any time off to look back and understand their own struggle.

We are sure that the DAP do not know the history of Communism in Malaysia and all of its detail. They also do not understand Christianity fully. The DAP as most Chinese youth in Malaysia can only talk about shallow issues such as money, promotion, marketing and also entertainment. It is proven that the DAP cannot be asked to participate in an intellectual discourse as their intelligence are not that high. They do not want to dissect the real meaning, the ideology, the philosophy and history.

The truth is how we can hope that all these Chinese youngsters to think intellectually if the leader that they worship is the Bafoon Lim Guan Eng himself. In an attempt to defend the "New Village" movie, Lim Guan Eng revealed that he does not understand the relationship between Malaysia and China that was pioneered by Tun Abdul Razak when he compared the act of the legendary former PM to the action of Malaysia opposing communism.

Guan Eng clearly do not know the meaning of the 1989 peace treaty between the government and the PKM when they considered it as the acceptance of communism. In fact the treaty was to show that the communist had surrendered to the government without any terms.

This is the consequences If you are too emotion addressing an issue. And that is why DAP is a party that is full of hatred. To the DAP, Christianity, Communism and everything else is permitted as long as it is against the religion of Islam and Malay.

If DAP is at the helm of this nation, say our goodbyes to the peace and stability of the country. The nation will not be peaceful or harmonious instead chaos will reign supreme. We want all the future generation to study history so that it can be a reference so that no mistake will be made.

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  1. It's not about Christianity or Communism, it's about Muslim, Malay and UMNO as leader of this country!