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Sharma Angry Over Hishan's Sex Allegations, Court Told

KUALA LUMPUR Sept 25 1999 - Former newscaster Sharma Kumari Shukla was angry and annoyed over businessman Datuk Abdullah Hishan Hashim's allegations that they had a sexual affair, the High Court here was told today.

Sharma's businessman husband Pradeep Kumar, 42, said that was the response of his wife to the allegations which she denied.

He said to his knowledge Sharma had been a very faithful wife and he had no reason to doubt her.

Pradeep said this when he was re-examined by Sharma's counsel Gurbachan Singh in a civil suit brought by Abdullah Hishan against Sharma seeking the return of shares, monies and other items he allegedly lent or handed to her during their alleged three-year affair.

Abdullah Hishan, former chairman of Glamoir World of Sports Sdn Bhd, is seeking a declaration that he owns 83,000 Insas Bhd shares, payment of RM131,400 in respect of breach of a promise made in August 1996 relating to the purchase of the shares, and proceeds from the sale of shares totalling RM19,000.

Alternatively, Abdullah Hishan is asking that the 83,000 shares be transferred to him if their market price at the time of judgment exceeds RM131,140, an interlocutory injunction stopping Sharma from selling the 63,000 shares pending the disposal of the suit, damages and costs.

At an earlier hearing, Abdullah Hishan testified that Sharma had an intimate relationship with him and had promised to marry him and convert to Islam.

On Sept 10, the court was informed that Sharma had chosen not to give evidence at the hearing.

Pradeep, Sharma's fourth witness, also told the court that he had complained to the Selangor Islamic Religious Council, A-G's Chambers and the Syariah Court Registrar based on Abdullah Hishan's admission of having a sexual affair with his wife in his (Abdullah Hishan's) affidavits.

He said he was aware that khalwat (close proximity) was a criminal offence.

To another question, Pradeep said he was not charged in court in relation to a police report lodged against him in 1981 for allegedly raping a teenager. The report was lodged by the girl's father.

Pradeep said as far as he was concerned the allegation was not true, and the girl also did not lodge a police report.

He said the report was made against him by the father before he married Sharma.

To another question, Pradeep said he had never seen his wife wearing the bra and black T-shirt that were produced in court yesterday.

Abdullah Hishan had earlier testified that Sharma had given him these two items and also a panties as Valentine's Day gift in 1997 to prove her love for him.

Pradeep told the court that when he said yesterday that Sharma had undergone three abortions he actually meant his wife had suffered two miscarriages in the country and undergone one abortion in London.

Earlier today, when cross-examined by Abdullah Hishan's counsel Sulaiman Abdullah, Pradeep said he had never cooked capati for Abdullah Hishan or played scrabble with the businessman and his wife at his (Pradeep's) house in Bangsar.

He said he was shocked by Sulaiman's suggestion that he had played scrabble with Abdullah Hishan and his wife at his house, and that he was abused by his wife and told to immediately go upstairs for ''making up a word which did not exist''.

He also denied that he had immediately complied with his wife's instructions and that he was again asked to go upstairs by his wife a second time when he came downstairs in his bermuda shorts and T-shirt to go to a pub.

Pradeep also denied there was a promise of marriage between his wife and Abdullah Hishan, saying the so-called promise was only an explanation for Abdullah Hishan's insistence for Sharma to give the shares back to him.

To another question, he also denied that a director of his company, who was also the daughter of a former Deputy Health Minister, had resigned as a result of a quarrel with Sharma.

He said the director resigned amicably because of other job commitments.

Hearing before Justice Datuk Dr R.K. Nathan continues on Monday.

Abdullah Hishan, who is the signatory of the two Oriental Bank cheques, said Sharma told him to replace "Shukla" with "Kumari" on a cheque dated Nov 3, 1995.

The second cheque, he said, was made in the name of "Sharma Kumari Shukla" and she told him to cancel "Shukla".

He was testifying at the trial of Sharma, who is charged with two counts of making false affidavits.

Abdullah Hishan said he did what Sharma told him because at that time he was having an "intimate relationship" with her.

"I trusted the accused (Sharma) completely at that time," he said in reply to a question by Sharma's lawyer Gurbachan Singh.
The charges state …

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