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Making Christianity the official religion?

The recent victory of racially charged attempt in Sarawak has brought forth a new confidence level for the Chinese Chauvinist DAP. Now that they have tasted blood, they are wanting more. This time, it is much much more.

Yesterday evening, Jelutong DAP organised a feast for pastors from Sarawak and several who came from a hotel on McAlister Road, Georgetown, Penang. The attendance was about 100, which include an MP and his constituency service centre workers.

In attendance is also Chinese Chauvinist DAP ADUN from Sarawak.

Amongst the interesting moments during the evening do was the 35 pastors stood in a circle and took a vow to make Christian the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia and the Prime Minister is also a Christian.

It is expected that 1,700 pastors would held a special convention the whole day today in a hotel in Penang and there would be a special meeting at Khaw Sim Bee Road, Georgetown, tonight. Expected in the agenda is the flavour of pondering into having a Christian brother as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Chinese Chauvinist DAP controlled Penang is actively organising programs for the purpose of propaganda and these recently victorious comrades from Sarawak are their guest of honours. These development is very dangerous and they are now 'charging' their politics with the cry of changing the Leadership from a Muslim to a Christian.

For the Chinese Chauvinist DAP to embark on a very sensitive approach of 'changing' the Prime Minister on the religious node for a political propaganda is definitely taking the strategy of their Chinese Chauvinist politics into a different and highly explosive level. This should be construed as nothing less than seditious.

The Malays are the majority. And almost all Malays are Muslim. The Chinese is a minority, with only 26% of the citizen. The Christians amongst the Chinese makes them a smaller minority for Malaysians. For these minority to be ambitious enough to have a vow of pledge to one day put a Christian as the Prime Minister and make Christianity the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia is a blatant demonstration of 'minority playing the majority role' and having a political aspiration with total disregard for the majority.

This confidence level is thought to be much higher as compared to the post May 1969 General Elections where victorious Chinese Chauvinists DAP trot around strategic places in Kuala Lumpur with brooms asking the Malays to "Balik kampung, tanam jagung!". That sparked the bloody racial riot on the evening of 13 May 1969.

This is a new level of 'minority playing the majority role' politics, on top of the strategy of the 'politics of hatred' the Chinese Chauvinist DAP is playing. It is threading on very dangerous line indeed.

Source : Bigdog
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