Sabtu, 16 Jun 2012

MB takes illegal settlers to task

IPOH: A GROUP of illegal land settlers from Slim River was given a dressing down by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir after the group brought placards when meeting the latter during a meet-the-people session at the Darul Ridzuan Building here recently.

The visibly upset Zambry was heard saying to the group that it was not the proper way to behave if they wanted to seek his help.

"Your action is rude.

"If you wish to ask for my assistance, please do it politely," he said.
The group had displayed placards with the words "Only the Menteri Besar can help us" written on them while their representative Mohd Zamri Jalil was waiting for his turn to meet Zambry.

Zamri and some of his group members were later heard apologising to Zambry while explaining that they did not have any intention of being rude to him.

The illegal settlers were seeking Zambry's help as they wanted the land title of the place they have been occupying since 1999.

According to Zamri some of the plots in the 504ha piece of land in Sri Keledang, Slim River, were given to a mining company instead of the settlers.

"The company had destroyed oil palm trees that were planted by some of the 299 settlers," he claimed.

In a press conference later, Zambry said he did not have any grudge against the group.

While admitting that there was nothing offensive written in the placards, Zambry insisted that it was not proper for the group to bring placards into a public meeting which was also attended by others.

"I have requested the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the complaint made by the group as it involves the clearing of state land.

"I want the MACC to investigate the matter and provide me with a report as I want to know the root cause of the issue," he added.
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