Selasa, 20 November 2012

Adam Azfar, the eldest son of Malaysiakini (Mkini) journalist Jimadie Shah Othman was diagnosed of brain tumor early November 2012.

This 6 year old is now in HKL, going through radio therapy treatment.

We are here to help.

Adam and all kids who are diagnosed with brain tumor.
We are here to help you along this path.
The support groups are a great place to start.

You are welcome to join in, at any time along the journey.

Support groups aren't for everyone but they do offer a chance for people to connect, especially those who are dealing with the same issues.

Everyone grieves differently and experiences things in different ways, but at some point, you will connect with someone who has gone or is going through many of the same phase and feelings as you.

The main thing we would say is that "we are here for you whenever you need..."

Let us all pray for Adam and the rest of our children with the same sickness.

Let's pray when things seem dark and god light up our way.

-Friends of Jimadie Shah-

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