Jumaat, 5 Mei 2017

Apa komen Tony Pua sekarang tentang ekspot negara?

Back in Oct 2016, DAP's Tony Pua said that Malaysia is "No more an export powerhouse" and our growth in exports was not good despite a weaker currency.

"The anticipated explosive growth in exports and manufacturing activity as a result of persistent depreciation of the ringgit never materialised. 

Either no one wants to buy more Malaysian products, even though they are significantly cheaper, or more plausibly, businesses and investors are not investing in additional production capacity in Malaysia because they had lost confidence in the country." said Tony.

Well, ever since Tony said that, our exports jumped 7.8% in November, 10.7% in December and expectations that it will accelerate even further at a forecast growth of 13.6% in January.

In February 2017, our exports jumped a staggering 26.5% with the highest ever trade recorded for Malaysia.

And today, March exports growth was reported at 24.1% and breaching the RM80 billion mark in receipts for the first time in history.

So Tony, what is your comment now?

Or you are going to keep quiet and not take responsibility for your statement just 7 months ago? 

Malaysia's Nov exports surge 7.8 pct y/y, more than forecast

Malaysia's Dec exports up 10.7 pct, beat forecast

Malaysia Jan exports surge 13.6 percent y/y, fastest in more than a year

Malaysia's Feb exports, imports rise at fastest y/y pace since 2010

Exports skyrocket in March, breaching RM80 billion mark for first time in history

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