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Sayu dan sedih bila baca penulisan Tok Wan salam blognya yang ditulis dengan air mata pada 25 Mei lepas. Nampak sangat Najib yang bersalah dan Tok Wan yang betul.

Di salin semula di bawah
1. Proton has been sold. It has been sold to foreigners.
2. They say Proton is my brainchild. Now the child of my brain has been sold.
3. Yes. I am sad. I can cry. But the deed is done. Proton can no longer be national. No national car now. We Malaysians are glad to be rid of this pesky car. I am sure Proton will do well. It will be a commercial success. It will be sold all over the world. The Proton name will be everywhere.
4. It will be like Singapore. Malaysians are proud of this great city-state. If it had not been sold it would be, perhaps, as well developed as Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. Then we cannot be proud of Singapore.
5. Now we can be proud of Proton. With money and superior technology it will compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley.
6. But I cannot be proud of its success. I cannot be proud of the success of something that does not belong to me or my country. Maybe other Malaysians will, but not me. Come to think of it, if our country is sold to others, to the very rich people of other countries, I am sure our country will become well developed too. It can even be a fully developed country – exceeding the expectations of Vision 2020.
7. It will be a great country with super highways, high-speed rail (HSR), gleaming skyscrapers, shining new towns, beautifully landscaped and lighted. But I can’t be proud! Can I be proud to be living on the fringes of this great country so well developed by the buyers.
8. I will die soon. I am already beyond average age. And as I slip into my final years, or month or days, I will watch as our beloved country is sold to foreigners to settle the trillion Ringgits that we owe. We will have to sell more and more of our country.
9. What are our assets? Our land of course!! That was what we did in the past. We sold chunks of our country. We lost the land we sold. That is what we are doing now. And that will be what we will have to do – or forfeit our country; like we forfeit Proton.
10. Proton the child of my brain has been sold. It is probably the beginning of the great sell-out. The process is inexorable. No other way can we earn the billions to pay our debts. The only way is to sell our assets. And eventually we will lose our country, a great country no doubt, but owned by others.
11. I am a sissy. I cry even if Malaysians are dry-eyed. My child is lost. And soon my country.
12. Please excuse me.

Rupa-rupanya segala duka lara Tok Wan adalah palsu belaka .

Proton Holdings Bhd must not leave its vendors out in the cold if the national carmaker decides to tie up with a foreign company, Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.

The former Proton adviser said disregarding the current Proton vendors would make it difficult for local manufacturers to compete.

“We worry that they will be cut off as suppliers and their businesses will fold and then we will see a drop in the number of local automotive engineering companies,” he told FMT when met at a function last night.

Last month, Proton CEO Ahmad Fuaad Mohd Kenali said he would announce a tie-up with a foreign strategic partner (FSP) in April.

It was later reported that Chinese car manufacturer Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd was the frontrunner for the partnership, which will see the chosen FSP securing a 51% stake.

Geely, which only produced its first car in 1998, has undergone massive changes over the years and even purchased Volvo Cars from Ford in 2010, as well as the London Taxi Company.

Mahathir, who is dubbed the “Father of Proton”, said on a personal level, he was open to the idea of Proton selling some of its stake but would object if the entire company was sold off to a foreign company.

“Proton is a national car. If we allow other companies to use our facilities to produce their cars, we will bear the losses,” the former prime minister said.

Speculation about Geely being the favourite to tie up with Proton has even had positive impact on Proton’s parent company, DRB-Hicom.

Last week, Reuters reported DRB-Hicom’s share price as having gone up by about 10% in a matter of days after local media had mentioned that Geely was the frontrunner for the partnership.

In September, DRB-Hicom said it was looking at five proposals from foreign bidders but declined to name them.

Reuters had previously reported that aside from Geely, Peugeot-maker PSA, Japan’s Suzuki Motor Corp and French carmaker Renault SA had also signalled interest in the partnership.

In April last year, the government gave Proton RM1.5 billion in financial aid on condition that it implements a turnaround plan and finds a foreign partner to assist in research and development.

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