Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Turkey to sell armoured combat vehicles to Malaysian military

Turkish defense industry company FNSS signed Tuesday a $600 million deal with Malaysia's DEFTECH to sell armoured combat vehicles to Malaysian military.

Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul and his Malaysian counterpart Amhad Zahid Hamidi witnessed the signing of agreement in Ankara.

Under the $600 million deal for the sale of 257 armoured combat vehicles, the Pars 8x8, Turkish company FNSS will design, develop and produce vehicles and provide logistics support.

The deal is important for Turkish defense industry as it is the largest amount in defense industry exports of the country at one time.

The 8x8 Pars armoured vehicle will be redesigned by Turkish and Malaysian engineers. Vehicles will be produced locally in Malaysia.

Under an earlier agreement between FNSS and DEFTECH, FNSS sold 211 armoured personnel carriers to equip the Malaysian military.

Moreover, Malaysian companies signed several defense industry agreements with other Turkish companies MIKES and TUSAS and GATES.

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