Isnin, 26 Ogos 2013

Macam lah kerajaan sengkek sangat tak mampu bantu

This is something the bigots in UMNO and Perkasa will *NOT* want you to see. To Walski, it epitomizes that in a multicultural country like Malaysia, we're there for each other - regardless.

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The dilemma of UMNO's racial politics

A Malay student graduating from a Chinese independent school at Perak was having financial difficulty to further her study at a Taiwanese university.

She was granted scholarship covering tuition fees and full accommodation. But her poor family can't afford her the flight ticket and living expenses.

She definitely would not get help from the UMNO government, which has wanted to bury the Chinese independent education for decades.

In her moment of need, a Chinese farmer from Negeri Sembilan came forward, donating rm5,000 to enable her trip overseas. Bringing along his family, he traveled hundreds of miles to Perak to present the fund.

It's probably the most embarrassing moment for a government that's only interested in indulging in race and religion politicking, without looking at the real needs of the rakyat.

In fact, in this heightened politicking season leading up to the UMNO party election in Oct, this report by Sin Chew Daily can be deemed... cheng cheng cheng ... SEDITIOUS! PERKASA bigots would be unleashed to protest at the paper's HQ at Petaling Jaya.

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3 ulasan:

  1. Look at the issue this way. If let say a Chinese student wanted to do further a study in Egypt and let say if he also faced with similar problem as student bound for Taiwan education, would the Chinese Farmer come forward? The answer is certain, that is most likely a Malay Farmer would come forward. Retrospectively, have we heard any of the Malay Farmer to come forward and openly declared that he had sponsored the Chinese Student? The answer is no and it is because the Malay Farmer believe in this: "when something good is done by the right hand, the left hand should never aware of it". Now that is the different between the Chinese and the Malay Farmer in the context of social responsibility. Period.

  2. Lantaklah apa yang babi-babi ni nak berteriak. Diaorang sendiri tak pernah nak anggap Malaysia negara mereka. Ko mati kat Taiwan pun kitaorang tak kisah la.

  3. Nak jadi artist ka, buat apa pun panggil media untuk cari glamour, macam tanpa nama 2.30 taip memang betul kalau ikhlas tak payah hendak menunjuk melainkan ada agenda tertentu atau sengaja hendak Perkasa marah dan secara tak langsung sengaja juga untuk kacau orang Melayu.