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Hit and Run KL, Malaysia

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Hit and Run in KL, Malaysia.

This video cam had recorded what just happened in KL, Malaysia today. A white BMW coupe with the number plate "WYJ 3255" exiting corner with high speed and hit right onto the motorbike taking the straight road as shown clearly in the video. From the person who're driving the car with this video cam had said, the BMW instead of stopping on the spot or in front, it ran away.
Please watch video in HD mode to get clear image of BMW's number plate.
P/S: Turning down your speaker volume before playing the video is advisable.
Hope authority will take action on the irresponsible driver.

(Video not taken by me, full credit given to my friend Delon Wong who own this video by recording it with his car cam, however he is not deciding to make any police report as well as not taking any further action despite that his car, Proton Saga FLX also suffered bumper damage from the impact of motorbike.)
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 — with Delon Wong atKuala Lumpur Festival City KLFC.

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