Ahad, 14 September 2014


BN does not fall, people eat grass!

But what we see is YB NI 6 years instead of eating grass, also build up a more than tens of millions of ringgit, "the White House" has 3 luxury car premium million ringgit, an Estima, a Volvo, a Volkwagon. 

Friends in the United States, for a rocket Member "modified-for-bags", you have a lot of support Milo Tin, rocket members to build the White House, her wealth. Rockets need to reform, but his money to enjoy life and your hard earned money to donate. When you see a rocket members take money out of "regime change"?

Not even a rocket "ordinary members" fertilizer King could not bear watching. Hope YB NI go to sand when giving a speech in the us, don't forget to shout "Barisan Nasional never falls down, people eating grass".

It should be taught the locals how to in just 6 years to be able to make a lot of money, and owned large tracts of land, to build the White House, and 3 luxury cars.

Inside his heart and love of power, since their is the President of the United States, with millions of dollars changing equipment into the White House his home. Now ambitions installation into the White House ... Views to t after the Imperial Palace. 

Congratulations to rocket succeeded in growing a lucrative Congressman. ... Members will have more lucrative then born. ....

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