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Selain daripada Komunis Bintang Tiga, Kumpulan Persilatan Al-Ma'unah juga menjadi musuh negara

Death penalty for three Malaysians

al-Ma'unah cult member

The convicted men remained calm during sentencing

Malaysia's High Court has sentenced three members of a Muslim cult to death by hanging. Sixteen other members of the group, convicted on Thursday of treason for plotting armed rebellion, have been given life sentences.

Passing sentence, Judge Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin said the consequences for Malaysia would have been unimaginable if the members of the al-Ma'unah cult had succeeded in toppling the government and replacing it with an Islamic state.

Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali: Martial arts fanatic
The three men facing execution are the cult leader Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali and two followers, Zahit Muslim and Jamaludin Darus.

Policemen ringed the dock as the sentence was read to the convicted men. All 19, each wearing a white skull cap, remained calm but many of their relatives broke down.

Defence lawyer Karpal Singh expressed shock at the death sentences. "We expected life imprisonment. The circumstances did not warrant the death penalty," he said.

Mr Karpal said an appeal would be lodged against both the sentences and the convictions.

Mohamed Amin Razali, a martial arts expert, and his followers believed mystical powers protected them from harm.

Al-Ma'unah members are taught they are protected from harm

In July last year, they posed as army officers to steal more than 100 rifles and large quantities of ammunition from two bases.

The group also took hostages, two of whom were killed, before the men were captured following a jungle shoot-out in northern Perak state.

The defendants were charged with waging war against the king, the country's constitutional head of state.

Six members were sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment last December, on the lesser charge of making preparations to wage war.

Attorney General Mohtar Abdullah alleged that al Ma'unah members had also been involved in other violent incidents.

These included an attempted attack on a power installation in Perak, and grenade attacks on a brewery in Kuala Lumpur and a Hindu temple at the Batu Caves - a popular tourist destination just outside the city.

Two-thirds of Malaysia's 23 million people are Muslim, and such cases of religious extremism are rare in the country.

Al-Ma'unah described itself as a self-defence army for suppressed Muslims.

KUALA KANGSAR: Mohd Amin Mohd Razali, the Al-Ma’unah movement leader who was sentenced to death for treason, had a last meal with his wife and four children on Thursday night before he was hanged yesterday morning [04/08/2006]

Mohd Amin: His last words to his children were to study hard and become religious teachers

The death penalty was carried out at the Sungai Buloh Prison in Selangor. His body was returned to his hometown of Kampung Ngor near here and buried after asar prayers at about 5.30pm. Mohd Amin’s wife Salamiah Sallehuddin, 35, said the prison authorities allowed her and the children to see him.
“We met as a family last night (Thursday) and even managed to eat together,” she said.
Mohd Amin’s last words to his children were to study hard and become religious teachers, she said.
Mohd Amin was supposed to be hanged last week together with three others – Zahid Muslim, Jemari Jusoh and Jamaludin Darus – but the prison authorities deferred his execution, pending the return of his mother Aminah Abdullah, 62, who was in Mecca to perform the umrah (pilgrimage).

LAST RITES: Salamiah pouring scented water over the grave of her husband in his hometown of Kampung Ngor near Kuala Kangsar yesterday. Beside her are their daughter Nor Fatihah, 11, son Muhamad Azhan, nine, and relatives.

According to Mohd Amin’s brother Abdul Rahim, his mother managed to see Mohd Amin before the execution yesterday morning.

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