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Lokasi : SMK Raja Abdullah, Jalan Kepong, Kuala Lumpur didedahkan dalam youtube 8 Mei 2011 .

BULLY BITCHES in SMK Raja Abdullah, Kepong

Helo dear readers!
watcha all been doing lately?

if u have been reading news in papers and online u will come across this hideous action of how 'powerful' students are these days..
Bullying cases has escalated to all sorts these days. i fear for my life as a future teacher..(i might not die at a ripe old age but instead accidentally get shot or pushed off the sch building)

watch the following video of 13-14 year olds humiliating a victim (girl )has sparked an uproar among Facebook users.
The three-minute video has drawn over 1,000 comments with expressions of anger over the incident.
In the video, an unidentified female student was seen violently pulling and cutting off the victim's hair.
The victim was also hit with books on the head and strangled with a tie. She cried and pleaded repeatedly for the assault to stop, but her other classmates ignored her pleas and jeered her in the background.
The video was uploaded at around 3.30pm on Saturday)
after u watch the video u would feel extreme sadness, anger n wonder why people can be so cruel in their hearts.

info (thanks to jave):

Address : SMK Raja Abdullah Jalan Kepong Kuala Lumpur 52000. Wilayah persekutuan.

uploader's facebook link

one of the bullies: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002177539225
another bully: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001897873115

the boss of bullies-blog:http://wwwcherryboom.blogspot.com/2011/05/tmd.html?spref=fb

BULLYING VIDEO (click here)

bakal apa ni? 
faces of the evil bully bitches.

(here they apologized to the victim already but is that enough? will that tackle the source of the problem or promise it wont happen again?!! )

what would u do if this would happen to your daughter?!
would u keep quiet or shut up?
i would march into school with my sharpest scissors, cut off their hair and draw clown designs on their face with permanent marker. give em a taste of their own medicine then send them for hardcore pro counseling.
this makes my blood boil but i pity em also at the same time..stupidity of youth cannot be undone in the future..

they are all so young and yet act like barbarians. what u see is just the beginning of so much carnage our future generation is capable of doing and will do to my and your future children. please oh please educate them better.
if u don't have time or money to upkeep kids, please use a damn condom or go for a vasectomy.

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  1. Org yg makan babi buli yg makan babi...hahahaha bagus la... cina punya hal..