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Rafizi Lembu dan macai tutuh kerajaan BN kaw kaw! Bila KDN nak pi ambik dia kasi rehat kek Kaminting?

Rafizi, make sure kampung folk know about it

| 9:38AM Dec 21, 2013

YOURSAY 'Why am I not surprised? They will do anything to cover their tracks and make them look good.'

Rafizi: "Has gov't pawned our assets to cover deficit?"

Onyourtoes: Of course, the government has done it. Why it takes you fellows so long to realise this? The government has securitised the government housing loans for civil servants a long time ago. The government has also used up the pension fund that was set up to make pension payments.

But now you look at the annual budget, pension payment, which is the liability of the government, will become a big hole every year. What about the sukuk issued, surely it must be backed up by collateral assets, but do we know which one? What about bonds issued by 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)?

Although it is guaranteed by the government, I am sure it is collateralised by government lands handed over to 1MDB. Look, 1MDB can't create something out of nothing, can they? To get the true picture of government deficit, the Treasury should exclude all money raised from asset sale from the revenue.

Anonymous #33877536: Onyourtoes, please don't say the pension payment is a liability to the government. Civil servants deserved it.

Baiyuensheng: I am worried if they decide to restrict withdrawals from Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Not sure even if EPF has adequate fund to meet contributors in case of massive withdrawals.

Freemsia: Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli is truly a national hero for exposing all this. We are in deep crap if BN continues. Then again, all this will be forgotten when the next round of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) payment is disbursed.

Rayfire: Why am I not surprised? They will do anything to cover their tracks and make them look good. They have been forewarned of pending downward trend by many from the opposite camp and also independent reviewers.

They just didn't take heed of the warnings in the heat of doing anything to remain in power. Money was spent on worthless campaigns for BN in the name of ministry events while the Auditor-General's Report was ignored.

Corruption practices were treated as norm. Now we, the people, face the brunt of their inaction. I'm fed up of their lies and tricks.

Mosquitobrain: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali sarcastically said BN is in power and can increase prices whatsoever they like.

He fell short of mentioning Umno's scheming, stealing, sucking, siphoning, squandering of national coffers and now is the payback time. Disgruntle? No, there are lot more on the way.

Mushiro: This is just the beginning of Najib's new term that he won by cheating, and he has started selling our national assets. If we allow him another year, more than Pulau Batu Puteh will be sold off.

SS Dhaliwal: Umno-BN knows that it can do whatever it wants as the rural vote is what keeps them alive as well as wholesale cheating by the Election Commission.

This disgruntled feeling will only last until the next BR1M and these rural folk will sing praises of BN. The smart people of Malaysia to be held to ransom by simple folk in the rural areas.

Doc: Frankly, I think as a nation we may not have the luxury of time to wait till the next polls in five years' time to boot out the highly wasteful, corrupt and moronic Umno-BN regime. If we do wait for the next election, Umno would have laid waste to Malaysia's economy.

Harapanbaru: This is too much. I was earlier in favour of "reconciliation and forgiveness" when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government, but it appears these rotten-to-the-core rats masquerading as the BN regime deserve nothing less than hanging, or in the best pirate tradition, being made to walk the plank from the top of their 118-story monstrosity.

Well Thats Fantastic: One thing I know for sure is that next year is going to be a difficult year for all because of this crappy BN government that stole our last election.

We are supposed to have a new government to fix the decades of ineptitude and corruption, instead we got same old same old and are heading towards a huge crash.

When Najib finally destroys our economy completely, I really hope he has his degree in finance withdrawn because he simply doesn't deserve it and certainly doesn't act like he earned it anyway.

Anonymous #33877536: Please make the rural people understand this.

Hang Tuah PJ: Does anyone amongst the Pakatan politicians or NGOs have the scrotal gumption to do something drastic now to put a stop to all these madness? The 51 percent rakyat will back you.

Swipenter: Dr Mahathir Mohamad sold off our national sovereignty through Project IC and now Najib sold off our national assets. Truly a Bolehland where endless possibilities exist to be a failed and bankrupt country.

Kazakh: The pirates of Putrajaya is selling out and grabbing all they can before 2018 and will grandly hand over an empty Treasury to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan. Malaysia is on road to an economic implosion...

Picture Fu: Sell the private jet first and fly business class instead. If we can't afford, don't borrow and spend. You are sending a wrong message to the citizens that we could keep on borrowing to feed our family and nation. Very soon, we have to sell our souls.

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