Isnin, 3 Julai 2017


Prime Minister Najib Razak’s Press Secretary statement

3rd July 2017

1. The opposition's real leader, DAP's half-century long dictator Lim Kit Siang, is doing what dictators do – blaming others, creating hate and taking no responsibility for his misdeeds. But this will not help solve the dire predicament DAP now faces.

2. It was DAP members that lodged complaints to the Registry of Societies (RoS) regarding serious irregularities and unfair treatment in their party elections. So why does the DAP dictator not ask his members to withdraw their complaints to the RoS? If they have not been badly mistreated, surely they will withdraw?

3. But the truth is that it is the DAP dictator who indirectly endorsed the unfair party election in 2012 and re-election in 2013. It was he who therefore allowed the victimisation of the 753 delegates who were not allowed to take part in the election – a serious violation of their democratic rights. It was he who allowed the mistreatment of many of the DAP’s 865 branches. So why is he now blaming UMNO and the RoS for attempts to manipulate DAP's elections that favoured his family?

4. DAP members should remember that the RoS did not recognise the validity of the party's Central Executive Committee (CEC) only because of the complaints lodged by DAP members against DAP leaders – for conducting unfair and undemocratic party elections.

5. As this matter has still not been resolved, the future of Kit Siang's son, Penang Official No 1, is in doubt. Because, on top of the corruption charges he is facing, the CEC elections which elevated him to DAP Secretary General are not valid. And DAP's use of the rocket logo is also in doubt.

6. This is a serious predicament for DAP – but it is their half-century long dictator that is the architect of DAP's misfortunes. He claims to believe in democracy, but once given power a dictator cannot help but show his true colours. This is the future the people would face if the DAP-led opposition assumed power over Malaysia.



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