Rabu, 26 Julai 2017


"Why is Gerakan saying Lim Guan Eng lied about the RM1psf land sale and why Gerakan is suing him.
Here are the facts:1. It is not land but land reclamation rights  
2. It is not just RM1psf but RM1psf + 10% land handed back to state govt, which is worth billions.
3. The 1992 agreement was signed with Koperasi Gabungan Negeri Pulau Pinang  (KGN) and 40% owned by the 100% state-owned Penang Development Corp (PDC) - not to private companies or "cronies". 

4. Since 25 years ago, the shares have changed hands a few times but even today, the land reclamation project is 78.2% owned by listed E&O Bhd, which govt-controlled Sime Darby is the major shareholder, and 21.2% owned by the Penang State govt's PDC.
So, to say that the previous BN Govt sold "land" to "cronys" or private companies at RM1psf is a plain lie.

A lie that has been repeated numerous times by the DAP Penang Govt every time they are criticized for their frequent sale of state land and assets to cover their 500% increase in annual state expenses. (LSS)

Lim Guan Eng dan sekutu  sering menuduh kerajaan BN sebelum ini lebih banyak menjual tanah kerajaan 35 kali ganda lebih banyak daripada kerajaan DAP.

Dap jual sedikit sahaja tanah dan memberi pulangan yang tinggi kepada kerajaan negeri, BN jual banyak tetapi hasil sikit. Ini lah ayat yang sering dimainkan oleh Dap.

Sebenarnya Dap lah yang menjual tanah lebih banyak berbanding BN.  Setakat 2015 sahaja Dap telah menjual tanah bernilai lebih RM 1.5 Bilion. Jika diambil kira sehingga kini rasanya melebihi RM2 Billion.

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