Jumaat, 20 April 2018

Akhirnya Zaid Ibrahim gigit jari

From Zaid Ibrahim's blog post today.

Other than confirming that DAP is a Chinese party (despite DAP keep on insisting that they are a multi-racial party), Zaid also confirmed that Lim Kit Siang is a liar who keeps saying that he will defend Gelang Patah seat last year.

Zaid confirmed the seat was given to him 1 year ago (but later taken back).

"Secondly, I was not at all angry with DAP for not fielding me as a candidate. Disappointed yes, but not to the extent of wanting to retaliate in the way some people thought I was doing with my tweet. It’s true that I was offered the Gelang Patah seat 12 months ago. I was quite excited because it was an urban seat and the kind of constituency I thought was suitable for me. But after three months, I was told that the offer was conditional on something else. It was then later withdrawn. Then a second-liner in the DAP leadership told me that I could go to Bentong if I was interested. I said it was not a constituency that was suitable for me. I am not a giant killer and have limited resources since I have been unemployed for the last eight years.

There was total silence on the subject of the election and seat allocation in the last six months. In fact, I was not very involved in the party’s activities. When I sent a text message 27 March this year to the party’s key men to ask if there would be any seat for me to contest, I was not even granted the courtesy of a reply. So it’s not the issue of not having a seat that bothered me, but the attitude that was shown."


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