Jumaat, 22 April 2011

Hero Ong is gone

AMPANG: Exactly 11 days and almost to the hour after being knocked down while rescuing two accident victims, Ong Kim Koon succumbed to his injuries.
The 52-year-old lorry driver passed away at 12.20am at the Hospital Ampang ICU wards despite efforts to treat the horrific wounds sustained after he was hit about 1am on April 11, while helping the injured couple on the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) highway. His family was at his side as Ong breathed his last, while relatives and close friends waited outside in the lobby.
The couple, Zainal Md Yusoff, 45, and Rosamiah Hashim, 38, expressed sadness over Ong death.
“We offer our deepest condolences to his family,” said Zainal this morning.
Ong’s wife and children had been at the hospital the whole day as doctors were hoping his condition would stabilise for them to amputate his broken left leg after the right one was surgically removed on April 11 to stop infection in his bloodstream from spreading.
While the second operation was scheduled for 10am yesterday, his blood pressure remained too low and doctors had been keeping close tabs so they could rush him into surgery the moment they felt he could survive the procedure.
Ong had been kept sedated to relieve the pain of his horrific injuries and was unaware he had lost a leg. It seemed fated the family would never get to speak to him again as doctors had refused to take him off the sedatives for fear he would not endure the pain.
His eldest son, Vincent, said doctors had advised his father’s conditions had became critical about 9.15pm as it was believed the rest of his body had been infected.

“When doctors told us he was critical, I told the other family members to be at his bedside as it would be the last time we would be together with him. We are all sad he passed away while his condition was still so bad.”
younger brother Ong Kim
Lai, 45, from Tanjung Karang, Selangor, was among those who saw him breathed his last. “I have been here since the first day my brother was warded. I am devastated to see my brother end up like that.”
While wiping away tears, he said his brother was always cheerful and friendly to others, and he would be missed by many.
Ong’s brother-in-law, P.H. Lye, said the former would help anyone regardless of race or religion. “He always help other people, including road accident victims.
"When he helped anyone, he would always make sure the victim was safe. That would be his first priority.”
Ong’s body was brought to his home in Pandan Mewah, Ampang, this morning and the family had yet to confirm funeral details at Press time.
It was a sad end to the incident that began on April 11 — the day after Ong celebrated his 52nd
birthday and headed for Genting Highlands to donate to a temple there.
On his way home, he came across an accident on the MRR2 highway near the Tesco roundabout. After retrieving fruit-seller Zainal and placing him on the road divider, he was about to pull out Rosamiah from the couple’s car when he was hit by a Toyota Estima which was trying to drive out of the resultant traffic jam.
The vehicle dragged Ong, who was stuck in the wheel housing, for a few metres. A friend, who was also helping the accident victims, alerted the driver to stop. While the friend freed Ong, the driver sped off.
Two ambulances arrived about 20 minutes later and took Ong and the injured couple to Hospital Ampang. Zainal was discharged last Friday while Rosamiah was released yesterday.

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  1. My deepest condolences to his family, to me he is the real hero of 1Malaysia. Proud to have people like u as a Malaysian. May god bless u.


  3. Takziah kepada keluarga Ong di atas kematiannya.

    Kebaikannya membantu suami isteri sehingga menjadi asbab kematiannya tiada kena mengena dgn slogan 1 Malaysia.

    Jangan politikkan semua isu.

    Kebaikannya adalah kerana sifat keinsanan yg masih hidup dalam dirinya itulah yg suka membantu orang lain yg susah tak kira apa bangsa dan agamanya.

    Melayu, Cina, India, Mat Saleh dll adalah Bangsa Manusia yg di ciptakan Tuhan bernama Allah SWT.

    Musuh kepada Bangsa Manusia itu adalah Setan berbangsa JIN.

    Slogan 1Malaysia bermotifkan politik dan sejarah telah membuktikan setiap slogan politik tak kekal dan gagal.

    1Bangsa (Manusia)

  4. aku bukan srikanda22 April 2011 8:28 PTG

    A true hero till his last breath...
    May God bless him and his family..