Rabu, 7 September 2011

Maid does housework with exposed boobs

Maid does housework with exposed boobs!

A woman has come out to share yet another maid-horror story.

The boss of a construction firm, Mrs Liu, 47, told Lianhe Wanbao that she had employed a new maid named "Wawa" from Myanmar in early July.

Mrs Liu said Wawa was very gentle and polite when she first came.

She said, "I spent seven days training Wawa. One day, I left home for about three hours to see a doctor. When I returned home, I got a shock when I checked the footage on my closed circuit camera."

"I saw Wawa squatting on the floor and smelling handfuls of her hair. Then I saw her plucking her armpit hair while wiping the table. It was very disgusting."

"When she turned around to face the camera, my teen daughters and I got a shock to see her breasts hanging outside her shirt," said Mrs Liu.

Mrs Liu called the maid agency to send Wawa back, but was told she had to wait for seven days. Wawa seemed to realise that she had to go and turned uncooperative and even refused to work when she was asked to wash the car.

Mrs Liu explains that she had installed the closed circuit cameras to check on her daughters but had unintentionally recorded evidence of her maid's odd behaviour.

Mrs Liu came out to talk about her maid after a recent report of a maid making soup for her employer's family with menstrual blood.

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