Jumaat, 18 Disember 2015

GRO nabbed

A total of 67 guest relation officers (GROs) were picked up during an anti-vice operation codenamed 'Ops Noda' in the city yesterday.

Principal assistant director of police's Anti-Vice, Gaming and Gangsterism (STAGG) unit, SAC Khairi Ahrasa said they were arrested at an outlet in Jalan Perak here.

"We had monitored the outlet beforehand. The women were caught off-guard when a team of policeman raided the premises. They were busy entertaining their customers.

"We detained 63 women from Vietnam, three from the Philippines and one from Nepal. An Indian-national who worked as the outlet's caretaker was also detained during the operation," he said adding that the foreign workers were detained for not having valid permits.

Khairi said the detainees were taken to the Dang Wangi police headquarters for further investigation.

They were investigated under Section 55B of the Immigration Act and Section 6(1)(c) Immigration Act 1959/63 for residing in Malaysia without a valid pass or permit.

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