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Tok wan dan penyokong wajib jawab 20 soalan bocor ini

Dari Lim Sian See

Jawab, jangan tak jawab penyokong-penyokong Tun.

(Paling best soalan bonus kat hujung tu).

20 Soalan bocor untuk #Everything2Hide

1. If Malaysia did not go bankrupt when Mahathir more than doubled our Debt-to-GDP within the first 5 years of him taking over as PM from 44% in 1980 to 103.4% in 1986,then how is Malaysia going bankrupt when our current debt ratio is 52.7%?

2. There are 80 countries with higher debt ratio than Malaysia's 52.7% including most of Europe, the USA, Singapore, Japan etc... If Malaysia goes bankrupt, would the 79 other countries with higher ratios go bankrupt first?

3. Mukhriz admitted in court recently that you and Muhyiddin had planned to remove Najib as early as 2014 before the 1MDB issue blew up. Does this mean that Muhyiddin and Mukhrz were removed for being in a conspiracy to topple the president instead of questioning about 1MDB? 

4. Is it true that you and your 4 children are listed by the SSM as having interest and ownership in 488 registered companies? If it is not true, how many hundred companies do your family have? How much are these companies worth?

5. Tun has fought for Melayu and Islam for 22 years and finally you succeeded to have 3 Malay-Muslims in the top 10 richest persons in Malaysia in 2014 with your son Mokhzani being the 2nd richest Malay Muslim. Do you consider this your proudest achievement?

6. Is it true that a few months before you retired, the Minister of Finance under you had directly awarded a 20 years monopoly sports gambling license to Vincent Tan without tender and without informing cabinet and for a bargain RM20mil only - which Vincent then sold it a few years later at a RM700mil valuation?

After that, the tycoon had spent millions of Ringgit to throw birthday parties for you each year to celebrate your birthday. Is this considered corruption?

7. Mirzan had bought Diperdana Bhd, which was Malaysia's third-largest container trucking business from Danny Tan (Vincent Tan's brother) while Mokzani had bought Pantai Hospital from Vincent Tan. How many other companies were bought and sold between your sons and Vincent Tan and his family?

8. PPBM AMT A Kadir Jasin had said that when you were in power, the tycoons keep on lending you their private jets to use. Did you use those jets and is this considered corruption as you had received benefits in kind? Or was Kadir lying?

9. Is it true that Tun is among the top 3 largest shareholder in the 5 star Palace of the Golden Horses hotel near your house?

10. When did you buy your current banglo in Country Heights for and how much did you pay? Do you still have evidence of your payment? 

11. In 1988, a  compulsory land acquisition order and eviction order was served on the Turf Club for the land which KLCC now stands on. Why was this order then cancelled and why didn't the govt carry out the acquisition at nominal value but instead allow Ananda Krishnan to take over the land the next year and subsequently made billions by selling it to Petronas a few years later?

12. You had said that Kit Siang and DAP were racist but now you say they are not racist. Were you lying then or are you lying now?

13.  You had said that Anwar Ibrahim is morally unfit to be PM but now you say he should be PM. Were you lying then or are you lying now?

14. In 2003, a few months before you retired and a few months before Mukhriz listed his Opcom company, the Ministry of Finance of which you were the minister, had written to the govt-controlled Telekom Malaysia to enter into direct negotiations to award a RM214mil project to Opcom, which is majority owned by Mukhriz.

Is this abuse of power and clear conflict of interest?

14. You had said that Najib's economic policies are wrong and that he should revert back to your policies. But Pakatan had said that you past policies were wrong as it led to low salaries, cronyism and high income inequality.

If you win in PRU14, does it mean that Pakatan supports you in implementing your old policies that will lead us to to low salaries, cronyism and high income inequality?

15. If you had loved Proton so much and was confident in its success, why didn't your sons pay the RM1billion to buy Proton instead of letting Geely buy? Your sons have experience in the auto sector and certainly have the money so why didn't you ask them to buy?

16. During your 22 years as Prime Minister, the USD went from RM2.40 to RM4.87 until you pegged it at RM3.80, which is still a 60% drop. 

But when Najib took over, the USD was RM3.73 and now it is RM4.28 - a 12% drop.

So who do you consider to have failed? You or Najib?

17. When you were PM, in 1985 our main export commodity prices crashed by half and this led us to recession. But in 2015, our main export commodity prices (which is Petroleum now) crashed by half but it didn't lead us to recession and Malaysia continued to grow. Do you think this is an achievement of Najib?

18. Malaysia's govt debt only jumped high in 2009 as Najib needed to pump RM60b into the economy to stabilzie and protect us from the effects of the Great Global Recession in 2007 to 2010. Since then, Najib has been cutting the deficit every year.

As you are blaming Najib for increasing the govt debt now, do you also blame him for stabilizing and protecting our economy from the effects of the Great Global Recession - the worst since the 1930s?

19. When you lost RM30bil Forex in 1991, it was 22.2% of our GDP of RM135b.

Today, 1MDB's remaining debt is about RM27b - which is 2.2% of our GDP of RM1,230b (RM1.23 Trillion) last year in 2016.

*So, if we did not go bankrupt then due to the Forex Scandal, how are we supposed to go bankrupt now due to 1MDB?*

20. Did you learn from Lim Guan Eng to use the courts to delay the RCI on the BNM Forex Scandal - the same way as Guan Eng is using the courts to delay his corruption trials, which has not started hearings for more than a year now.

BONUS QUESTION: You have been quoted to say you own 40 or 50 horses. How much do you pay every month to keep and feed those horses? 

You recently let go off your cook and maid because you said the govt stopped paying them. Is the amount that you are paying monthly to keep the 40 or 50 horses less than the salaries of your cook and maid? Or are horses more important than your loyal cook and maid?

If you did not learn from Guan Eng then who did you learn from?


PS. Can someone ask Mahathir and Pakatan the above questions in his next #everthing2hide forums or Jelajah ceramah?

Just remember to wear helmet when you ask any of these questions,


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