Isnin, 23 Mei 2016

PROTON RECALLS FOR IMPROVEMENT ·         For Proton Inspira and selected Proton Exora CPS 1.6

SUBANG JAYA, 23 May 2016 – This announcement is made in reference to the recent statement made by Mitsubishi Motors Japan ("Mitsubishi") on 18 February 2016, whereby Mitsubishi announced a global recall of selected Mitsubishi models worldwide for defective right-turn indicator switches.  Since Proton Inspira is a rebadged Mitsubishi model, PROTON Holdings Berhad ("PROTON") wishes to announce a recall of all Proton Inspira manufactured within the period from 2010 to 2014, which was installed with the affected right-turn indicator switches supplied by Mitsubishi. The initiative will involve about 20,330 units of Proton Inspira.


At the same time, PROTON is also taking this opportunity to advise all Proton Exora CPS 1.6 owners manufactured within the period from 2009 to 2015, involving approximately 90,000 units of Proton Exora CPS 1.6, for a precautionary inspection of the fuel-line in the powertrain compartment.

Proton Inspira and Exora owners are therefore advised to make the appointment with their preferred service outlets for an inspection. All labour and parts costs relating to these rectification works, if any, will be borne by PROTON.

Customers are advised to call PROTON's Customer Care Hotline, 1-800-888-398 or email to for any enquiries and assistance. Customers can also visit our website at for more information or our microsite, to check if your car is involved in this inspection and to make the appointment with their preferred service outlet.

PROTON would like to express sincere appreciation and thank you to all its customers for their support and will accordingly notify all affected owners.

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