Khamis, 14 September 2017

Bagi subsidi pun marah. Tarik subsidi pun marah

RM8 billion gas subsidy to IPPs is wasted because our household electricity tariff is still higher than Thailand where no subsidy is provided.

About RM2-3 billion go into the bank account for IPPs and the balance 5-6 billion are burned as CO2 to maintain 40% excess capacity.

We Chinese only burn paper incense money for our ancestors, but BN government under UMNO goons burns our REAL money for enriching their cronies.

UMNO goons are very smart, they legalize their corruption by burning your money through rent-seeking practice.
If UMNO goons take RM3 billion as theirs, we Malaysians still can save 5 billion rather than wasted it as C02 (in the form of no utilized electricity generated by both IPPs and Tenaga).

This RM5 billion can subsidize every Malaysian with RM180 food coupon, but BN burns it down for nothing except more air pollution.

There is no government in the world goes to such extreme to burn money in order to bleach its corruption practices except the UMNO-led BN government

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