Selasa, 26 April 2011

Kita bakoo jer

Police said today they will not hesitate to expose to the public if necessary "the performer" in the sex video who allegedly resembled opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"Investigation is on-going. Whatever need to be exposed we will expose, whatever we need not expose we will not expose," Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said.

"We will investigate first. When the time comes police will disclose who the performer is. We are still investigating the case under Section 292 of the Penal Code (which concerns the distribution of obscene material)," he told reporters at the end of a meeting here of criminal investigation department heads from throughout the country.

Asked why the Attorney-General had returned the investigation papers to the police, Khalid said this was normal when an investigation was being completed.

"If he (the Attorney-General) finds anything not clear, he returns the papers to us," he added.

Khalid said the papers would probably be re-submitted to the AG's chambers this week.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar announced recently that the sex video had been verified as genuine by local experts.

On the death of a senior customs officer Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed whose body was found on the first floor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission building in Jalan Cochrane, Khalid said the Attorney-General was still studying the investigation papers submitted last Friday.

He said the AG was waiting for several reports from experts before making a decision.
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Mai pakat tengok, tolong doakan agar beliau jadi manusia

Tak tau lah nak kata apa kepada mamat ini.

Makin teruk dah nampaknya.
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Rasuah Pemusnah Tamadun

Dialog "Rasuah Pemusnah Tamaddun" anjuran Sinar Harian pada hari Rabu ini ... 27hb Apr 2011 2.30 - 5.00 ptg.

Ahli panel terdiri dari Dato' Abu Kassim, Pesuruhjaya SPRM, Senator Ezam Mohd Nor, Dato Seri Nizar Jamaluddin dan Dr Ary.

Alamat di Auditorium Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, Lot 2, Jln Sepana 15/3 off Persiaran Selangor, Seksyen 15, Shah Alam

Datang awal untuk dapat tempat duduk strategik.
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New urban thinking led to BN losses in Sarawak towns

by Ronald Benjamin
The Malaysian Insider
April 25, 2011

APRIL 25 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's comments that the racist politics of DAP has been exported to Sarawak clearly reveal his ethnic prejudice and insecurity.

His simplistic comments fail to consider the current political and cultural trends among the urban population whose political sense and approach to issues is increasingly rooted in universal justice, equality and pragmatism.

Ethnic issues are minimal in this paradigm of thinking.

The Barisan National coalition of ethnic-based parties is still finding it difficult to come to terms with this new political paradigm that goes beyond mere ethnic accommodation. The urban middle-class is basically connected to a global world, where a sense of equality, meritocracy and democratic expression is the norm in any enlightened civil society.

For example, some of these educated middle class tell me that the Malaysian political scenario has similarities with the ancient imperial kingdoms, where the king would always keep his close trusted associates or cronies loyal by presenting them with goodies.

The wealth of the nation was basically controlled by powerful elites linked to the king while the commoners went hungry. If there was a possibility for the king to visit the countryside, there would be disbursements of money to make the subjects temporally happy while conditions that create poverty or widen the gap between the rich and poor were ignored.

In other words, the king would continue to create a sense of dependency among his subjects so that they would not question his opulence and authority. Is this ancient story not similar to our Malaysian situation when it comes to dealing with the rural population?

It is in this context that the BN's poor showing in the urban constituencies in Sarawak should be analysed. The chief minister had been accused of enriching his family and cronies but the political leadership in KL and investigative institutions such as the MACC have not yet taken action.

The selective attitude towards corruption especially if involves the highest levels has alienated the educated middle class. While a slew of issues contributed to the BN's defeat in the urban areas, the failure to investigate Taib Mahmud following allegations of abuse of power is the major cause of the Barisan's defeat in urban constituencies in Sarawak.

The political old guard like Dr Mahathir and Umno have to come to terms with the present situation, where universal values such as equality, justice and pluralism hold sway, instead of pinning the blame for the defeat in urban areas on "racism" by a political party. —
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Group from Umno joins Sabah DAP ?

Kota Kinabalu: A group of Umno members joined Sabah DAP recently and helped the opposition party campaign against the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the Sarawak State election.

A Kudat Bajau, Orong bin Sahap, decided with his people to join Sabah DAP because they believe in the struggle for the people and the unselfish nature of the DAP.

He hoped he can contribute together with the Sabah DAP leaders and become a member who can perform positively towards the wellbeing of the people, especially in the Kudat area.

He said he had lost confidence in Umno as it was not really helping Sabahans as a whole, in particular the very poor people.

On receiving his membership forms, Sabah DAP advisor Dr Hiew King Cheu, who is also Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament, welcomed him and hoped more people like Orong who can stand up to fight injustice, corruption and abuse of power will join Sabah DAP or Pakatan Rakyat.

Also present during the ceremony are Kudat DAP chief Alex Wong, Wanita chief Shirley Ipon, and other members.

YB Khairy Jamaluddin nak tunggu apa lagi, cepat hulur tangan mohon ampun

LAWAS: The leaders of the ruling State Barisan Nasional (BN) do not need to be taught by “outsiders”, said Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Zone 7 Youth Chief Awangku Jinal Abedin Pengiran Haji Jawa.

“It is because the state BN leaders have visions and views that are more matured compared to ‘green-horned’ politicians.

“It would be wise for UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin not to interfere with the state’s domestic politics by asking the Chief Minister to step down.

He is only trying to teach ducks how to swim,” said Jinal yesterday.

He said the rapid development taking place in the state is a result of the Chief Minister’s foresight and that Sarawakians from Lawas to Lundu have all these while been living in peace, unity and harmony.

“Khairy obviously does not respect the stand taken Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak in supporting the transition process put forward by our Chief Minister.

“We are very disappointed that Khairy not only shows his immature attitude, but he also attempt to ignore what had been discussed between our Chief Minister and the Prime Minister regarding the power transition process,” he said.

According to Jinal, there were actually various factors relating to the transition process that many outsiders and even locals fail to understand.

“The main thing is to keep the momentum of development and unity among the people,” he said, adding that state BN always put people’s interest above individual interest.

“We do not question the ability of replacement but we are worried about the long and short term effects that would occur if the transition was done in a hurry.

“We want to tell Khairy or any other individual who made the absurd demand of asking the Chief Minister to step down not to interfere in the matter as a transition plan was already underway.” “We also ask political parties outside the state not to try to make their political capital in order to divert the attention of people for their own interests,” he added.

Peminum air ketum dan kaki penipu

Ini lah pengikut tegar al porn. Mai dari negeri Kedah
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TVSelangor09 25042011 ANWAR GULUNG 1

Ha ha ha ! Tv Selangor mengesahkan bahawa ada perlakuan seks sumbang atau seks luar tabie antara Anwar dan Saiful, bukan TM kata tapi TV selangor yang kata, So kalau begitu sah bahawa Anwar yang taji pungkuq Saiful.

Kalau begitu kenapa ramai orang Pas masih percaya bahawa Anwar di fitnah. Kapal Sink cuba mengalih isu liwat kepada seks suka sama suka.

Wahai Karpal. suka sama suka pun Saiful kena liwat laaa...Apa laa lu,

Ops kalau bontot Saiful pun di sapu apa lagi china dolll..TAK PERCAYA LAGI?

Orang yang menyaksikan rakaman penuh video seks selama 20 minit telah bersumpah bahawa lelaki itu tidak lain dan tidak bukan, IA ADALAH ANWAR IBRAHIM.

Senang TM nak cakap....Sah Anwar telah meliwat Saiful,

Paksaan tetap wujud sebab Kapala sink sendiri cakap bahawa Saiful peliwat pasif dan makna kata Anwar peliwat aktif.

Habis,,,,,sumbat saja Anwar ke penjara atau rejam sampai mampuih

Perak Today-Speech Tun Dr Mahathir,Regional Bloggers Conference

Perak Today-Speech PM Najib Tun Razak ,Regional Bloggers Conference-Part 1

DAP tolak kerjasama dengan Umno


Askar bakal naik gaji lagi

The Ministry of Defence is looking at a new salary scheme for military personnel at all levels in line with the transformation being implemented in the armed forces generally.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the new scheme was being drawn up in recognition of the role played by the military so that the scheme would at least be similar to other civil service schemes in the country.

He said as there were officers with professional status in the armed forces such as pilots, engineers, medical officers and various others, a new salary scheme was appropriate to give recognition to this group.

"Almost half of the military personnel are involved in the professional and technical fields, so the salary scheme for them should not lag far behind compared to the professionals outside the government service," he said when addressing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) personnel of various ranks at the Gong Kedak RMAF Base, here yesterday.

Also present were RMAF Chief, General Tan Sri Datuk Seri Rodzali Daud and other RMAF senior officers.

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Mati kena tayar lori

A student, who hit the left wheel of a lorry coming from the opposite direction during a heavy downpour, was among three people killed in separate accidents in Perak, yesterday.

Muhammad Bazli Zuhaili Sharuddin, 15, of Sekolah Menengah Trolak Selatan was heading home when the accident occurred at Jalan Besar, Felda Trolak Selatan Scheme near Slim River at about 5 pm.

He succumbed to head injuries at the Slim River Hospital about one hour after the accident, said state traffic police chief Supt Wan Abdullah Ishak.

In Tapah, an Orang Asli, Pang Ensif a/l Yusof, 64, died on the spot when he was knocked down by a four-wheel drive vehicle, which burst its tyres, at Jalan Ayer Kuning-Tapah at 2.15pm.

In Manjung, motorcyclist Shaiful Azlan Zakaria, 30, was killed when he knocked the rear wheel of a lorry as he came out of a junction at Km4 Jalan Beruas-Ayer Tawar at 1.05pm.

Shaiful Azlan, from Kampung Tualang, Beruas was thrown onto the road and died at the scene.

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Anwar's Sodomy Trial Decision On May 16

The High Court here set May 16 to deliver its decision whether Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be called to enter his defence or acquited over his sodomy charge.

Justice Datuk Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah made the decision here Tuesday at the end of the prosecution's case.

Yesterday, the prosecution told the High Court the DNA profile of "male Y" found in the anus of complainant Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan belonged to Anwar.

The 63-year-old opposition leader is charged with sodomising his former aide, Mohd Saiful, 25, at the Desa Damansara Condominium in Bukit Damansara between 3.01pm and 4.30pm on June 26, 2008.

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justice-bao taiko DAP

Subjek menjadi tokong kepada Nizar, Pok Nik , Anwar sembah
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Batu Kurau Mali

AFTER a long hiatus of almost 40 years, Teh Hock Guan is finally picking up his paint brushes again.

The retired insurance agent used to excel at painting in his secondary school days, and had even served as the art club president in Chung Ling High School in Penang in the late 50s.

Under the guidance of prominent artists, including Khaw Sia, his artworks were chosen to be part of the Young Malaysian Artists exhibition and even earned him a scholarship to study art in Taiwan.

Back on track: Teh is finally painting again after a hiatus of 40 years.
But he turned down the offer because he wanted to start working to earn a living as his family was not well-to-do.

"I came to Kuala Lumpur and my second job was as a clerk in a local bookstore in Jalan Ampang.

"When I was free on weekends, I painted at Port Klang, capturing the atap houses and scenery on my canvases," the 76-year-old, who hailed from Batu Kurau in Perak, recalled.

An English man from Penang liked his paintings and bought one for RM50 — his very first painting sold.

When an editor was having a book exhibition in the Chinese Assembly Hall, his paintings were showcased as well.

More paintings were sold but when Teh left the company and ventured into car sales and later, insurance, he gradually stopped painting.

Gentle flow: 'Home Sweet Home' captures Teh's fascination with the scenery at fishing villages.
"For the subsequent years, I focused on expanding my business and did not touch my paint brushes at all.

"But I kept myself up-to-date with the art scene by attending my friends' exhibitions whenever time permitted," said the grandfather of four.

After he retired, a friend encouraged him to paint again and since he has the time now, he heeded his friend's advice.

From watercolour, he started to dabble in oil painting under the influence of artist Eston Tan.

Standing tall: The Pulpit Rock at Cape Schanck in Australia.
"Oil painting is more 'forgiving' as it allows us to make corrections," he observed.

Since he has developed an interest in golf, golf courses naturally became one of his painting subjects.

Besides the lush green fields, Teh also paints plants and landscapes.

The exhibition runs until April 30. Han's Art Gallery is located at L320, 3rd Floor, Amcorp Mall, 18, Persiaran Barat, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

For details, call 012-287 0511 (Khor).

From the star online
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Wah! Khairy Jamaluddin dan Gan kena lagi!

Leaders of state Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties in Batu Kawah have called on Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and MCA vicepresident Senator Gan Ping Sieu to respect Sarawak's 'political uniqueness'.

In a joint press statement, Tan Joo Phoi of SUPP, Datuk Ahmad Ibrahim of PBB, Cpt Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan of SPDP and Lau Ting Ping of PRS lambasted the duo for asking for the resignation of Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud as Chief Minister.

Ahmad, who acted as spokesman, said they, as members of home-grown BN parties, felt insulted and offended by the remarks recently made by Gan and Khairy.

"Let it be clear to all Malaysians, the political destiny of the people of Sarawak is determined by and belongs to all the people of Sarawak and not outsiders.

Please respect our political platform as we intend to keep it as such," he said in the statement.

He also pointed out that the people of Sarawak have decided in the justconcluded state election that Taib's leadership is still needed.

"When Pehin Sri wishes to retire, it is entirely up to him. He has the mandate from the people to govern.

"We believe Gan and Khairy should retract their statements and apologise not only to the honourable Chief Minister, but to all Sarawakians for being insensitive, ignorant and acting way out of line," he said.

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Simulators boost RMAF standing

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state-of-the-art Su-30MKM simulator centre for jet fighter operations training has positioned Malaysia at the forefront of such technology ahead of other countries in the region with similar aircraft, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.

He said the simulator centre, which houses two sets of dual-seater high fidelity Sukhoi Su-30MKMA simulator systems, would be used by Royal Malaysian Air Force pilots at its base in Gong Kedak here.

"Developed by ICT solutions provider HeiTech Padu Berhad, the simulator centre has the capability to carry out full mission training in a network environment.

"It is unique as the training mission can be conducted using more than one simulated aircraft simultaneously, thereby effectively imitating an actual environment," he said before launching the simulator centre at the Gong Kedak air base here yesterday.

Ahmad Zahid said the system is capable of training the pilot, weapons sensor officer and ground crew with high-level fidelity in simulating an aircraft flight model.

HeiTech executive chairman Datuk Mohd Hilmey Taib said the company was honoured with the trust and opportunity given by the ministry in driving such an initiative.

"We hope the new technology will enhance the RMAF's credibility as the most advanced air force in the region."

He said it was developed based on the Private Finance Initiative business model that made the company accountable for the operation and maintenance of the centre until 2020.

The company, he said, had a proven track record as a long-time partner of the Govern-ment.

"With the capabilities at hand, we are now ready to play a bigger role in the defence industry by focusing on software development and systems integration, which is in line with the National Defence Policy," he said.
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Isnin, 25 April 2011

Ringgit Naik

Al Jub aka Al Porn dok tuduh Kerajaan BN lemah dalam pengurusan ekonomi.

Nah ! Lihat sendiri. Semenjak Anwar jadi Menteri Kewangan, hari ini selepas 13 tahun, nilai ringgit melonjak naik berbanding USD kepada 2.9940/ 2.9970.
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Celaka sungguhlah Al Porn

KUCHING: De facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused the Election Commission (EC) of fraudulent practices in conducting the recently concluded state election in Sarawak.

"The process was clearly full of fraudulence. Take the case of the Senadin seat where the Barisan Nasional won by 58 votes and the EC refused a recount. This is unheard of in the country," he said.

"Azmin Ali (PKR deputy president and party election director) is unwell, otherwise he could testify how he had to negotiate every step of the way to get the names of the counting agents.

"The EC wanted to know where the names came from. Before, no such questions were asked," said Anwar, pointing out that the EC officials made things difficult for the opposition.

He said the timing and voting for postal votes also worked against the opposition.

On the coming parliamentary election, the opposition leader said that PKR and Pakatan Rakyat had learnt a lot from the state election.

"We will not allow the Barisan Nasional (BN) to cheat as it did in the Sarawak election. We will insist on international teams to monitor our election.

"We will insist on international media to be present and invite international MPs to come and observe the election throughout the country.

"We must ensure that the electoral process is clean," said Anwar, pointing out that in many countries civil strife and disasters occur because of fraudulent electoral processes.

"We should not allow this to happen. We won't condone vote buying and using the media to continue sacrilegious attacks on PKR without giving us an opportunity to defend ourselves," he said.

Unfair tactics

Anwar also questioned why Bersih leaders like Ambiga Sreenevasan were not allowed to enter Sarawak on the eve of polling.

"Is it because they want to play 'kotor' (dirty)?" he asked.

Anwar also warned members and supporters of the opposition coalition that they should be well equipped to counter the BN's unfair tactics in the coming general election.

"Knowing what has happened in Sarawak, we must use phones and videos to take photographs of every transaction. This we have learnt," he said.

On the state election, Anwar said that generally PKR's performance was very good in view of the fact that the party was given the most difficult and most remote constituencies.

The party won the three seats of Batu Lintang, Krian and Ba'Kelalan.

"Looking at the election results, the choice and decisions by Sarawakians including the Ibans showed that they preferred PKR candidates from among the opposition parties.

"These inaccessible areas and the short campaign period hindered our efforts to disseminate our messages," he said.

Meanwhile, Baru Bian, the state PKR chief, who was present, said that the party was looking into evidence of electoral malpractices in several areas.

"After the results have been gazetted, we will file and take action accordingly. We have a very strong case of electoral malpractice in Senadin," he said.

Posted by Joseph Tawie on April 25, 2011.
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Dato T wajib dibicarakan

Polis harus mendakwa Dato T kerana melakukan kesalahan menayangkan video lucah kpd orang awam.

Salah tetap salah walaupun tujuan dan matlamatnya baik. Undang-undang tidak membezakan darjat. Apabila di mahkamah nanti semua barang kes akan dikeluarkan dan ditunjukkan kepada mahkamah termasuk jam omega dan yg penting cd yg dkatakan lucah.

Cd tersebut akan di tayangkan bagi mengesahkan ia adalah lucah.

Pada waktu itu kita pakat ramai2 hadir dan jemput sekali jijah ijah dan tentunya nuar al juburi al putari al alami. Tak payah lg dok mutar mengatakan ia adalah konspirasi. . . Hebat mainan dato T.

Org lama mesti hebat. Dan makbul lah solat hajat dan doa ribuan ahli pas utk meminta petunjuk. Lepas tayangan perdana d mahkamah nanti jgn lah pi kelencong kot lain pula. Allah maha kaya.

Bak kata orang lama, habis mendung nampaklah cerah langit.

Cukuplah tergadai maruah kerana mempertahan yang bukan hak dan memetik kata-kata YB Dato Ahmad Maslan.. "Akan ada cahaya di hujung terowong. Umno sentiasa terbuka untuk penyatuan ummah. Mari lah bersatu Melayu
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Serikin Sarawak's Shopping Heaven?

Kali ni nak respon cerita Serikin, syurga membeli belah penlancong dari Semenanjung yang berkunjung ke Sarawak.

Jika dahulunya tumpuan pelancong ialah pintu sempadan Sarawak Kalimantan iaitu Tebedu. Apabila Serikin dibuka pada hujung minggu ia menjadikan Tebedu kurang pengunjung.

Punca utamanya ialah harga yang ditawarkan di Serikin jauh lebih murah darpada Tebedu.

Jika di Tebedu gerai atau bangsal dibina dilereng-lereng cerun bukit, tetap di Tebedu di sepanjang kiri kanan jalan.

Kebanyakn barang di Serikin dibawa oleh pedagang Indon menggunakan basikal tua melalui denai denai atau jalan tikus.

Kasut tentera ABRI boleh dibeli dengan harga RM 20 jika bijak tawar menawar. Sebiji botol antiq boleh dibeli dengan harga yang cukup murah jika bijak berceloteh.

Gitar Tong dan set drum jenama 'Yamaha' pun ada tetapi bukan yang asli.
Pengunjung dari Malaya cukup berminat dengan tikar rotan atau kayu, raga, tudung saji yang diperbuat daripada rotan, kain baju, telekung dan barang mainan sehingga bidai siput, telur penyu semua ada. Peminat paku pakis juga boleh mendapatkan dengan harga yang murah,

Perfume standard Petaling Street pun banyak.

Pengalaman ke Serikin sekali tu sajalah tak berminat untuk ulang kali kedua. Rasanya Uptown yang bersepah lagi banyak pilihan barangan.

Berikut ialah petikan dari akhbar.

Serikin, a small town located on the Sarawak-Indonesia border, is a favourite destination for shoppers, especially those from the Peninsula.

Situated in the Bau district, not far from Tasik Biru and the Fairy Cave, it takes 45 minutes to reach this town by road from Kuching city.

On both sides of the road leading to Serikin, one can see vast tracts of empty land alternating with swathes of green jungle, as well as the homes of people from the Iban and Bidayuh communities.

A small roadside police post indicates our arrival in Serikin.


This writer, on her first trip to Serikin, found the unevenly-tarred car park half full on her arrival at about 8 am.

The first stall to greet visitors is one selling dried food stuff, such as the keropok belinjau (a type of cracker made from fruit) and dried shrimp of various sizes.

Most of the products sold here are from Indonesia. The main attraction is the ability to bargain freely.

"The traders here are genial. Hardly anyone raises their voice over here. The goods are neatly arranged within and outside the stalls that stretch up to two kilometres," noted Bedah Zainudin, who visits Sarikin at least twice a month.

Bedah, a teacher, brings along her relative, Badiah Raduan, who she refers to as 'Eteng', to help her make purchases and carry back the goods.

They leave from Petrajaya as early as 7 am and complete their shopping by 9.30 am.

"This place gets very hot, so you cannot come too late or stay for long," she explained, while turning to look at Eteng.

In the stalls, one can find various types of textiles and kebaya fittings with unique embroidery and glittering labuci for weddings. They are priced reasonably: one pair costs RM155.


In Serikin, the sun is directly overhead much earlier than elsewhere in Sarawak because of its proximity to the Equator.

"I came to Serikin for the first time last year. After window shopping and buying, I felt so satisfied. Then, I was not concerned with the time of day, but found that it is better to go there early. If you are late, you not only have to bear the heat but also face problems in finding a place to park," said Siti Ismail, another shopper in Serikin, who makes it a point to visit each time she comes to Sarawak.

Siti visits Serikin as she is interested in crystals, memorabilia made from glass and storage containers, all of which are available here are reasonable prices.

However, it is apparent that the heat does not deter shoppers from visiting at other times of the day. When this writer was about to leave, there were several buses parked in the parking lot. It was obvious that people came in busloads to Serikin to spend their money and the heat was no obstacle.


There are numerous types of jeans, cotton blouses, textiles, ovens, guitars and even spices, packed neatly for buyers.

"The price of textiles from Bandung is only RM39, kak. Four metres long and 60 inches wide. There are also many colours to choose from," said a trader who was promoting his textiles in his soft and pleasant voice.

As several of the customers were eager to bargain, the trader brought down the price to RM30 for three pieces of fabric.

In another corner, there was a trader selling a long sleeved blouse. Most of them cost RM30 per piece after bargaining.

One can bargain over the price of jeans as well: a pair of jeans for adults priced at RM120 was being sold for RM70.

Apart from these goods, table top gas ovens, shaped like boxes, were also on sale. "Medium-sized ovens that can accommodate four trays cost RM200; it's RM220 for one that can accommodate eight trays. You can bargain, come and see," said a well-built trader, probably in his 30s.

The writer also spotted turtle eggs on sale, though selling these eggs in Malaysia is forbidden.

Several onlookers were initially curious, but after asking the price and taking a closer look at the eggs in polystyrene bags, they had second thoughts.

"They are not fresh. Moreover, they are high in cholesterol. Maybe that is why they are cheap. The trader said he would sell 10 eggs for RM10," noted Salimah Hashem, a prospective buyer who was there with her child.

Another good feature about this place is that traders do not get angry if you don't buy after looking at an item and asking its price. Here, traders seem more determined to woo customers and ensure that they return to Serikin.


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RPK yet to give statement

PUTRAJAYA: Fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin has yet to give his statement to the police despite saying he is willing to be interviewed.

In his latest posting in Malaysia Today, Raja Petra claimed he had informed a senior police officer from Bukit Aman of his readiness to be interviewed provided it was held in the hotel where he was staying in Bangkok and not at the Malaysian Embassy there.

The officer had met him and his lawyers in the hotel on Saturday evening.

However, he claimed the officer had refused his offer to be interviewed at the hotel.

"I informed him (the officer) that I volunteer to make my statement but he told me that he was no longer interested to take my statement. And that was how the Bangkok drama ended at 2am," he wrote.

He said the officer was earlier involved in a heated argument with his (Raja Petra's) lawyers Haris Ibrahim and Amarjit Sidhu over the purpose of the interview.

"My lawyers demanded to know what the whole thing was about. The officer appeared evasive," he said, adding that was why his lawyers had advised him against agreeing to the interview.

Raja Petra was in Bangkok to give a talk to Malaysians there about his Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement.

He is the chairman of the movement while Haris is the president.

Raja Petra claimed that he had been informed by an embassy official on Saturday that the police were interested to record his statement regarding a statutory declaration he made in 2008.

However, he said, the officer later told his lawyers that his statement was required over a police report lodged against him on April 14 following a newspaper report on his TV3 interview which touched on the statutory declaration.

In the interview, Raja Petra revealed that the statutory declaration linking Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor with the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu was based on information that was fed to him by third parties with links to prominent politicians, including PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
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DAP semakin ganas

Lim Kit Siang seperti pembunuh yang mabuk darah di Sarawak selepas berjaya memenangi 12 kerusi Dun 16 April lalu.

Usaha DAP untuk bergabung dengan SNAP adalah ancaman terbaru Lim kepada BN Sarawak.

Setelah melihat kegagalan besar PKR, LKS sanggup mengkhianati dan bye bye kepada PKR. Ini adalah sifat semula jadi LKS yang hanya mengejar untung semata-mata.

Bumiputera Sarawak, Pas dan PKR di Sarawak dan Semenanjung hendaklah melihat dan mengkaji kedudukan mereka bersama parti yang tamak dan rakus ini.

Tamak dan rakus untuk kuasa memerintah Malaysia. Jika cita-cita mereka berjaya, maka jahanamlah negara kita. Menangis air mata darah pun dah tak guna lagi.

Generasi hari ini perlu meliihat kembali sejarah negara bagaimana ganasnya mereka sewaktu peristiwa 13 Mei dan sewaktu Bintang 3 menguasai negara dalam darurat 1948.

DAP dan Komunis mempunyai struktur organisasi yang sama dimana jawatan Setiausaha adalah yang sangat berkuasa dan putih katanya maka putihlah segalanya. Siapa lagi kalau bukan LKS.

Kejayaan DAP di Sarawak adalah kerana sokongan moral yang kuat oleh pemimpin Melayu dalam PKR dan Pas. Mursyidul Am Pas yang uzur juga sanggup diheret oleh Dap untuk berkempen dalam kawasan Dap.

Malangnya, DAP langsung tidak menjengok atau sua muka dikawasan Melayu atau Native di pedalaman.

Kini setelah nampak peluang barulah LKS sibuk untuk masuk ke rural area. Sudahlah, jangan lah nak hipokrit. DAP hanya nak merampas hasil masyul bumi kenyalang untuk kantong mereka seperti mana yang dilakukan di Selangor.

Satu hal lagi, DAP dalam kempen di PRN Sarawak banyak menceritakan kejayaan mereka di Selangor dan Pulau Pinang. Pada hal ia hanya satu pembohongan semata-mata.

3 tahun memerintah dua negeri tersebut DAP hanya menghabiskan wang negeri sehingga deficit. Kantung YBK dan yayasan pun kering dibuat mereka.

Kematian TBH yang jelas menunjukkan kerakusan DAP dalam merompak hasil negeri. Kini isu kematian TBH semakin mendedahkan tembelang DAP.

Itu belum sentuh 11 bulan memerintah Perak dan Pembohongan Lim Kit Siang di Pulau Pinang.

Seruan TM ialah agar rakyat Sarawak terutama Native agar tidak mudah terpedaya dengan tipu muslihat DAP.

Terakhir ialah LKS tak teringinkah untuk mendesak Lee Kuan Yew untuk berundur dari politik. Kita sedia maklum LKY akan mempertahan kerusi Tanjung Pagar yang kuasai sejak 50 tahun lalu.

Kalau LKS berani dan lantang mendesak Taib Mahmud berundur, mengapa dia tidak mendesak mentornya berbuat demikian?

Berikut ialah petikan akhbar mengenai cita-cita DAP untuk menipu SNAP dan peribumi Sarawak.

Political parties DAP and Sarawak National Party (SNAP) should seriously consider a merger to accelerate the Iban and Dayak political awakening following the Sarawak election.

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said this was to avoid any multi-cornered contests in the next general election.

"In the 13th general election, we should avoid any multi-cornered contests as this would only benefit the Barisan Nasional.

"For this reason, I would even suggest that DAP and SNAP seriously consider a merger of the two political parties to accelerate the Iban/Dayak political awakening in the Sarawak election," he said in a statement yesterday.

The Ipoh Timor MP said Sarawak DAP could not rest on its laurels despite having won 12 seats in the state election and must be prepared for the upcoming general election.

He also said that DAP must eliminate the perception that it is a Chinese party.

"This is a perception that DAP must eliminate so that all Malaysians can accept and support us as a political movement committed to the betterment of the welfare of all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region," he said
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Ahad, 24 April 2011

Wah! Ini sudah bahaya!!!!

KUCHING:  In the coming parliamentary election, Sarawak DAP is targeting Mas Gading, Mambong, Serian and Sri Aman which are Dayak majority constituencies as part of its aim to shed away its image as a Chinese party.

"Even though the four parliamentary seats are Dayak majority, there are however substantial numbers of Chinese voters," said state DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

"I believe we have every good chance of winning the seats for the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in the coming parliamentary polls," he said, pointing out that the party was also encouraged by its recent electoral success when it won 12 seats out of 15 it contested.

The Mas Gading constituency has 23,199 voters, of which about 1,500 are Chinese voters, whereas in Mambong, the total electorate is about 38,307, made up of 10,544 Chinese voters.

As for Serian, there are about 4,000 Chinese voters in the 29,969-strong electorate, and in Sri Aman, there are 27,064 voters, 4,555 of them are Chinese voters.

DAP is also eyeing eight more state seats – Opar, Bengoh, Tarat, Tupong, Satok, Kedup and Balai Ringin in the next state polls, he said.

The party's targets are encouraged by the good response given by the Dayaks to the DAP candidates in the recently concluded election.

The party's victories in Batu Kawah and Kota Sentosa were in part due to the support given by the Dayak voters.

"The support of Dayak voters for me was very encouraging in Kota Sentosa," Chong said, pointing out that there are more than 5,000 Dayak voters in that constituency.

PKR should contest in less seats

Chong said that the party was forming branches in Opar, Bengoh and Tarat, adding that in order to win these rural seats, the party has to start early.

"I will propose to the state DAP which will meet today (Sunday) in Sibu that we contest these eight seats and four parliamentary seats in future elections,???? said Chong.

"This is in view of the fact that part reasons of PKR's failure to win more seats are because it lacked financial resources, poor election machinery and weak manpower.

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Opposition Pact Set To Discuss Sarawak Parliamentary Seat

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) will only discuss matters pertaining to parliamentary seat allocations among the opposition pact in Sarawak, in preparation for the next general election, at a forum next week.

In this regard, PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said DAP should air its views on the matter at an appropriate forum rather than opting to make demands which may offend other members of the pact outside such a forum.

He told reporters this after attending a gathering with Sarawak PKR leaders here Sunday.

Meanwhile, Sarawak PKR liaison chief Baru Bian said DAP, which won 12 seats in the recent Sarawak election, would get to lead the opposition in the next state assembly.
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Dr M: Win hearts of Chinese


KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has refuted suggestions that the Chinese do not support Barisan Nasional.

The former Prime Minister said the Chinese community had always stood firm behind the coalition, even when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim created a ruckus after being sacked from the Government.

He said that in the 1999 general election, Barisan still managed to maintain a two-thirds majority because of strong Chinese support.

Speaking to newsmen at the International Book Fair at the Putra World Trade Centre yesterday, Dr Mahathir said the Government must continue to provide more trade and business opportunities for the Chinese to regain their support.

He said the Chinese needed opportunities to spread their wings in the sector, as they were very business and trade-oriented.

Dr Mahathir said this in response to concerns over dwindling Chinese support as observed in the 12th general election, subsequent by-elections and the recent Sarawak election.

At the function, Dr Mahathir autographed his latest book A Doctor in the House.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah had also called on Barisan comrades to stop accusing those who did not vote the coalition as being ungrateful.

"As a player in the democratic system, we must respect the voters' right to choose whichever party they prefer.

"We must accept the voters' decision with an open heart even if the result does not favour us," Saifuddin said.

He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had taken various new approaches to win the hearts of multi-racial Malaysians.

"If we choose to blame them (those who did not vote Barisan), how are we going to face them in the next general election?

In George Town, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said MCA should not contest in the next general election if its president Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek was against "Chinese fighting Chinese".

"It should not contest in any seats where DAP is contesting and let us win," he said.

The DAP secretary-general said this when asked by the Chinese media at a press conference here about Dr Chua criticising the DAP during the recent Sarawak election.

It was reported that Dr Chua, in his speech during the Sarawak election, had said DAP was making use of the Chinese to fight against other Chinese but had no guts to go against PAS.
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Tiba-tiba Teringat arwah Pak Sako, Al Fatihah.

(Ishak bin Haji Muhammad, Anwar, Hantu Raya, Isako San, Pak Pandir Moden, Pak Sako, “Pejuang Sastera”, “Tokoh Wartawan Negara”)

LAHIR : September 1909 di Kampung Bukit Siguntang, Temerloh, Pahang Darul Makmur.
MENINGGAL : 7 November 1991.

PENULIS veteran ini adalah antara penulis sebelum Perang Dunia Kedua yang sangat giat menulis. Beliau menghasilkan novel, cerpen, esei, dan memoir, dan hingga ke akhir hayatnya menulis rencana untuk akhbar Utusan Melayu di Kuala Lumpur. “Ishak Haji Muhammad, Pak Sako atau Hantu Raya kalau dimahkotakan sebagai raja, baginda akan turun dari takhtanya, kalau menjadi presiden atau perdana menteri, beliau akan menghilangkan diri, tetapi diberikan mesin taip, beliau akan menulis sampai mati”. Demikianlah kata-kata Zainuddin Maidin, Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan Utusan Melayu sewaktu berucap pada Malam Mengenang Jasa Pak Sako di Balai Budaya Tun Syed Nasir, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka pada 5 Oktober 1987. Pada malam itu Pak Sako menerima suatu cenderamata berupa sebilah keris yang berusia 120 tahun dan sekeping cek bernilai RM5000.00.

Ishak menerima pendidikan awal di Sekolah Melayu Kampung Tengah, Temerloh dalam tahun 1919 sebelum melanjutkan pelajaran di Sekolah Inggeris Clifford Kuala Lipis dari tahun 1924 – 1928 dan lulus Sijil Persekolahan Cambridge dalam tahun 1929 di Sekolah Inggeris Raub.

Pada tahun 1930, beliau melanjutkan pelajarannya di Maktab Melayu, Kuala Kangsar untuk berlatih menjadi pegawai tadbir Melayu (Malay Administrative Service). Pada tahun 1931, Ishak bertugas sebagai pegawai dalam latihan selama setahun di Pejabat Daerah Temerloh sebelum ditukarkan ke Pejabat Daerah Bentong sebagai Timbalan Penolong Pegawai Daerah pada tahun berikutnya. Dengan itu beliau telah dilantik sebagai Majistret Kelas III dan pemungut hasil tanah. Setelah berkhidmat selama tiga bulan di Bentong, beliau telah ditukarkan ke Daerah Kecil Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Kira-kira setahun setengah kemudian, beliau ditukarkan pula ke Kuala Lumpur sebagai Majistret Kelas III sehinggalah beliau meletakkan jawatan tersebut pada tahun 1935.

Selepas bebas daripada jawatan kerajaan, Ishak menjadi guru bahasa Melayu kepada pegawai-pegawai Inggeris di Polis Depot dan kemudian beliau mengembara ke seluruh tanah air selama tiga tahun. Sewaktu menjelajah tanah air inilah beliau mula menceburkan diri dalam bidang penulisan. Pada tahun 1937, Ishak mula bertugas dengan Warta Malaya, di Singapura sebagai pengarang dan penterjemahan. Dari situ beliau terus meningkatkan kegiatannya dalam bidang penulisan. Pada tahun inilah beliau menghasilkan novel sulungnya yang berjudul Putera Gunung Tahan yang dicetak oleh Jamaliah Press, Muar pada tahun 1938.

Ishak ialah orang pertama yang bercita-cita menerbitkan akhbar Utusan Melayu dan seterusnya menjadi pengasas penerbitan akhbar tersebut. Untuk ini beliau berhenti dari Warta Malaya pada 1 April 1939 lalu menjelajah ke negeri Pahang, Kelantan dan Terengganu untuk memberi penerangan kepada masyarakat tentang cita-cita beliau untuk menerbitkan sebuah akhbar kebangsaan. Usahanya ini telah mendapat sokongan dan dukungan yang hangat daripada masyarakat dan pada 29 Mei 1939, lahirlah akhbar Utusan Melayu.

Dari Tahun 1939 hingga tahun 1941, Ishak bertugas sebagai salah seorang anggota sidang pengarang Utusan Melayu yang pada ketika itu dipimpin oleh Abdul Rahim Kajai. Pada waktu yang sama, Ishak mula bergiat dalam pergerakan politik.

Pada tahun 1941, Ishak yang terlibat dengan Kesatuan Melayu Muda (KMM) telah ditangkap oleh pihak British dan dibebaskan apabila Jepun berjaya menakluk Singapura pada tahun yang sama. Beliau kemudian menjadi Ketua Pengarang Berita Malai di samping turut menyumbangkan rencana dan cerpen dalam Semangat Asia dan Fajar Asia.

Ishak menjadi semakin aktif dalam arena politik dan bidang kewartawanan sesudah tamat perang. Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM) yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 1945 pernah menerima Ishak sebagai salah seorang anggota pucuk pimpinannya. Apabila darurat diisytiharkan pada tahun 1948, kegiatan Ishak dianggap membahayakan keselamatan negara lalu beliau ditangkap sekali lagi dan ditahan di Penjara Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Dari Penjara Pudu, Ishak dipindahkan ke beberapa buah khemah tahanan lain. Ishak kemudiannya telah dibebaskan tanpa syarat dalam bulan Mei 1953.

Setelah bebas dari tahanan, Ishak bertugas di Malayan Film Unit (MFU) di Kuala Lumpur sebagai penulis skrip hingga bulan Disember 1955. Mulai 6 Mac 1958, Ishak dilantik sebagai Ketua Pengarang Semenanjung di Singapura. Walau bagaimanapun minatnya terhadap politik tanah air tidak pernah malap terutama apabila beliau dilantik mengetuai Parti Buruh Malaya dan Socialist Front. Dalam pilihan raya umum 1959, Ishak bertanding bagi kawasan Bukit Bintang pada tahun 1964 tetapi gagal untuk memenangi sebarang kerusi.

Sewaktu tercetusnya konfrontasi antara Malaysia dengan Indonesia pada tahun 1965, Ishak telah ditahan sekali lagi. Selepas dibebaskan pada tahun 1966, beliau kembali bergiat dalam bidang penulisan. Ishak kemudiannya ditawarkan bertugas dengan Utusan Melayu sebagai penulis khas. Tulisannya yang amat popular ialah “Kenangan Hidup Pak Sako” yang disiarkan secara bersiri dalam Mingguan Malaysia, dan ruangan “Di Simpang Jalan” dengan menggunakan nama Pak Pandir Moden. Beliau juga pernah menjadi penulis ruangan pojok “Pepatah Petitih” dalam majalah Gila-gila.

Dalam bidang penulisan kreatif, Ishak menghasilkan tidak kurang daripada 23 buah cerpen pada waktu sebelum Perang Dunia Kedua. Dua buah novelnya Putera Gunung Tahan dan Anak Mat Lela Gila adalah antara novelnya yang mendapat sambutan hangat dan telah beberapa kali diulang cetak. Kedua-dua novel tersebut mencerminkan pandangan dan cita-cita pengarangnya sebagai seorang patriot dan sasterawan.

Seperti kebanyakan pengarang sebelum merdeka, Ishak menggunakan novel dan cerpen sebagai saluran untuk mengobarkan semangat orang Melayu dan menyedarkan mereka tentang kedudukan mereka yang mundur dalam politik, ekonomi dan sosial. Sikapnya yang antipenjajah jelas diluahkannya dalam novel dan cerpennya.

Putera Gunung Tahan lahir daripada luapan semangat kebangsaan dan rasa cemburu kepada pengaruh-pengaruh asing khususnya penjajahan Inggeris. Oleh itu novel ini adalah sebuah novel politik yang bertujuan untuk meniup semangat cinta akan tanah air, semangat ingin hidup maju dan bebas daripada belenggu penjajahan.

Novelnya yang berjudul Anak Mat Lela Gila dianggap sebagai novel yang cukup berjaya sebelum Perang Dunia Kedua. Novel ini menggambarkan keadaan masyarakat Melayu dengan kisah-kisah hasil pengalaman beliau mengembara ke seluruh negara. Watak-wataknya melontarkan sindiran terhadap sikap tidak adil penjajah Inggeris dan pembesar-pembesar tanah air terhadap masyarakat Melayu.

Satu perkara yang harus kita beri perhatian dalam karya-karya Ishak adalah tentang cita-citanya terhadap masyarakatnya masa itu. Pokok persoalannya tetap tentang rakyat jelata, dan beliau berpendapat bahawa setiap cerita mestilah mempunyai mesej dan bertujuan membimbing rakyat ke arah suatu kehidupan yang aman damai, bekerjasama, makmur, mewah, berbudi bahasa, berkhidmat dan berbakti.

Oleh sebab cintanya terhadap bangsa dan negara terlalu besar, maka tidak hairanlah kalau dikatakan bahawa hampir keseluruhan karya Ishak bercorak didaktik dan idealistik. Sebagai seorang pejuang nasional dan sasterawan, Ishak mempunyai tempat yang penting dalam sejarah kebangsaan dan kesusasteraan tanah air.

Kesusasteraan Melayu moden mulai berkembang selepas Perang Dunia Pertama. Pada dasarnya karya sastera pada zaman itu lebih bercorak protes. Tradisi itu mencapai kemuncaknya menjelang Perang Dunia Kedua. Dalam tahap perkembangan Ishak Haji Muhammad muncul sebagai penulis yang paling berjaya menawan hati para pembaca sehingga beliau menjadi lambang zaman itu. Selain itu, Pak Sako pernah menulis skrip filem berjudul Padi Kunca terbitan Filem Negara Malaysia pada tahun 1955. Filem ini yang juga menggunakan suara latar Pak Sako telah memenangi anugerah Golden Harvest dalam satu pesta filem yang berlangsung di Singapura.

Bagi menghargai sumbangan serta jasanya terhadap kesusasteraan Melayu moden, maka pada 29 Jun 1973, Universiti Malaya telah menganugerahi beliau Ijazah Kehormat Doktor Kesusasteraan. Pada 29 Mei 1976 pula, Ishak dianugerahkan gelaran “Pejuang Sastera” oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia berserta hadiah wang tunai RM10 000.00 dan watikah penghargaan. Walau bagaimanapun, Pak Sako telah menolak anugerah “Budayawan GAPENA 1987” atas sebab-sebab tertentu.

Ishak Haji Muhammad meninggal dunia pada 7 November 1991 ketika berusia 82 tahun di rumahnya di Kampung Bukit Raya, Kilometer 16, Jalan Hulu Langat, kerana diserang angin ahmar. Sebagai menghargai jasanya dalam mempelopori bidang kewartawanan, politik dan sastera, beliau dianugerahkan “Tokoh Kewartawanan Negara” pada 24 September 1995. Beliau merupakan tokoh ketika yang menerima anugerah tersebut selepas Tan Sri A. Samad Ismail dan Tan Sri Lee Siew Yee. Dan sebagai mengenangkan jasanya, Utusan Melayu sejak tahun 1992, telah mewujudkan “Hadiah Sako” untuk diberikan kepada penulis novel nasional yang terbaik. Hadiah ini berupa wang sejumlah RM30 000.00 dan watikah.


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Anwar Ibrahim brainwashed PKR supporters and Nik Aziz Lied About Implementing Hudud !!!!!

Deceiving Truth of Anwar Ibrahim

Just try engaging a simple conversation with any PKR supporters and quickly, we will realised that we are talking to a zombie. Anwar is a charismatic orator. His pull factor is his charming ways of  using words. That doesn't mean whatever he said is true. The words uttered by Anwar in his speeches are nice to hear. He mocks and condemn anything and everything.

PKR supporters are highly emotional. Whenever you are able to score a point defending your position with facts, these people will get angry. They expect people to be like them. As soon as you show the ability that Anwar Ibrahim logic is actually stupid logic, these people will get offended and they will start to hurl personal insult against you.

What happened to these people ? They are actually brainwashed by Anwar Ibrahim.

Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, mind abuse, thought control, or thought reform) refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated". The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual's sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.

Anwar Ibrahim uses rhythmic words and form them into sentences which almost rhyme. He uses these types of sentences again and again. He is also a master in coining new terminologies. His persuasive method is very difficult to reject because he uses partial truth in his arguments. It is very appealing especially to the younger generations.

For example, he said that during his time as Finance Minister, he never ever raised the price of petrol even once. So to the unknown, he is a compassionate Finance Minister. The fact that during the 90's till late 98..the price of petrol per.barrel never crossed above USD 50.00...was never made known. In current time, petrol price breaks above USD 100.00 per.barrel.

Look at graph below ;

Graph 1: West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Price

The comparative prices during his time and now  was not told to the people. So with this rhetoric, he cheated the people, hook , line and sinker altogether.

This type of an argument is called "special pleading"....

What is "special pleading" ?

Special pleading is a form of spurious argumentation where a position in a dispute introduces favorable details or excludes unfavorable details by alleging a need to apply additional considerations without proper criticism of these considerations themselves. Essentially, this involves someone attempting to cite something as an exemption to a generally accepted rule, principle, etc. without justifying the exemption.

In simple terms it means, you bring out facts that will only support your arguments. Facts that are non favourable to your argument, you hide them away from the listener. This is how Anwar Ibrahim cheat people into believing that whatever he said is Bible truth.

The video above shows how manipulative Anwar Ibrahim can be.

The Deceit of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz is also like Anwar Ibrahim. Both of them rock together in the same boat. Nik Aziz uses Islam, to brain wash the Malays to believe that Islam is PAS and PAS is Islam. He also uses special pleading in his ceramahs to brain wash PAS supporters to believe that PAS is the only party always doing the right thing.

PAS is a munafiqoon political party. In the late 80s, PAS declared that whomsoever work hand in hand with non muslim is considered as kafir or unbeliever.

So now , when PAS join DAP in a coalition called Pakatan Rakyat, where lies the truth ? We want to know, what kind of a deceit is this ?

PKR and PAS, both are in the business of cheating, lying and deceiving.

This is a youtube confession about ADUN Pas Selinsing, who was seen to have committed adultery with a teacher's wife. The couple were caught in a VIP room on a train coach. The couple were taken to Nik Aziz for judgement according to Hudud Law. Nik Aziz asked the crowd to go back and to come back the next day as he (Nik Aziz) need to pray Isthikarah - prayer asking guidance from Allah. The next day when the accused and accuser came back, Nik Aziz told the accuser that Allah said to Nik Aziz that the adulterer and adulteress were forgiven. Is this what we call religious conviction ? You be the judge. These are the people that we are going to entrust our children's future with. An Arab proverb goes like this - If such are the priests, God bless the congregation. Kindly view the video below.

from blog people against opposition

Anwar dan Seks : Salah Berita Harian pula dah????

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) mendakwa akhbar Berita Harian milik Umno diperalat pihak tertentu untuk mengadakan ‘perbicaraan melalui media’ terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung dakwaan rakaman video seks.

“Kami turut kesal apabila Berita Harian diperalat pihak tertentu dengan menggunakan ‘perbicaraan melalui media’, yang cukup jelas bernada politik dalam percubaan terus-menerus untuk mengaib dan menganiaya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” kata Setiausaha Agungnya Saifuddin Nasution Ismail hari ini.

Malah kata Saifuddin, harus diingat syarikat Korea Selatan, yang dinamakan oleh akhbar itu, telah dipilih dan diberi maklumat khusus oleh Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM), yang mana ketua-ketua mereka masih menuruti kehendak barisan ahli politik yang mempunyai dendam kesumat terhadap Anwar dan berusaha menamatkan perjuangan reformasi politik beliaunya.

Justeru kata beliau, pihaknya menolak sekeras-kerasnya laporan Berita Harian semalam yang mendakwa lelaki dalam rakaman video seks yang didedahkan “Datuk T” sepadan dengan Anwar.

Semalam, Berita Harian menyiarkan sebuah agensi penyiaran terkemuka Korea Selatan yang menganalisis rakaman videk seks itu mendapati pelaku dalam rakaman itu sepadan dengan Anwar yang juga Ketua Umum PKR berdasarkan perincian saiz tubuh beliau dalam rekod polis.

Kata Saifuddin, pihaknya kesal dengan laporan Berita Harian itu yang sengaja mensensasikan isu rakaman video seks itu ketika sisatan masih dijalankan.

“Kami membantah dan menolak sekeras-kerasnya laporan muka hadapan Berita Harian semalam bertarikh 21hb April 2011.

“Kami kesal kerana Berita Harian dengan sengaja mensensasikan isu video seks itu walaupun penyiasatan polis masih diteruskan,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan.

Menurut Saifuddin, kesal dengan tindakan Berita Harian yang menyiarkan laporan berniat jahat dengan tujuan menjatuhkan imej dan kredibiliti Anwar.

Tambah Ahli Parlimen Machang itu, pihaknya tetap berpendirian teguh menafikan pelaku dalam rakaman video seks itu adalah Anwar.

“Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah menafi sekeras-kerasnya penglibatan beliau dalam video ini.

“Kami juga ingin menyatakan dengan tegas bahawa individu di dalam video itu bukan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” katanya.

“Datuk T” — terdiri daripada bekas ketua menteri Melaka Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, bekas bendahari agung Perkasa Datuk Shuib Lazim dan ahli perniagaan Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah telah menggemparkan negara apabila mempertontonkan rakaman video seks itu kepada wakil media pada 21 Mac lalu di hotel Carcosa Seri Negara.

Malah ketiga-tiga individu itu telah membuat pengakuan secara terbuka dan akan mengambil tanggungjawab selain bersedia menerima sebarang tindakan undang-undang.

Sehari selepas pendedahan video seks itu, Anwar membuat laporan polis dan menafikan beliau adalah pelaku aksi seks yang didakwa “Datuk T”.

Sebelum ini, Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani berkata siasatan rakaman video aksi seks itu mengikut Akta Kanun Keseksaan kerana kesalahan mengedar bahan lucah telah siap.

Acryl berkata laporan lengkap siasatan itu akan diserah kepada Pejabat Peguam Negara pada bila-bila masa dari sekarang untuk tindakan selanjutnya.

Menurut Saifuddin, kredibiliti PDRM sekali lagi terjejas dan dipersoalkan ekoran pendedahan yang dibuat bekas ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Kuala lumpur Datuk Mat Zin Ibrahim semalam.

Mat Zain mendakwa Anwar pernah dikaitkan dengan pengedaran rakaman aksi seks pada November 1999 dan meminta pihak berkuasa menyiasat sama ada ia ada kaitan dengan pendedahan yang dibuat “Datuk T”.

Beliau berkata rakaman video yang pertama diedarkan beberapa hari sebelum pilihan raya umum 1999.

Oleh itu, dalam surat terbukanya kepada Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Ismail Omar, Zain meminta pihak polis meneliti kaitan kedua-dua pendedahan berkenaan.

Funds galore for visitors

S. ABRAMMI, 25, has never before invested in unit trusts offered by Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB). However, she was curious enough to find out more and visits the ongoing Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (MSAM) in Ipoh, which ends on Tuesday.

"I came with my nephews and discovered that there are so many funds available," she told the New Sunday Times.

Abrammi said she had invested in mutual funds by a local bank and was looking for more investment opportunities.
"I will collect all the information from this exhibition and see what are the best funds to invest in."

Abrammi was among the thousands who turned up at the Indera Mulia Stadium here yesterday to learn about investing in PNB's unit trust funds.

Ismail Ibrahim, 76, from here, said he appreciated PNB's efforts to bring MSAM to the capital of Perak, which enabled him to visit the much talked-about unit trust week.

"I feel that PNB should declare at least more than 10 per cent dividend once in five years.

"Our daily expenditure is going up so much now," he said.

Housewife Zarinah Mahmud, 39, said: "This is my first visit to MSAM and I am glad to be here.

"I heard about it on the radio. I have invested in Takaful Ikhlas as well as Amanah Saham Bumiputera.

"My husband, Mohamed Nor, a retiree, had also invested in these funds. We just want to know how to invest more from this exhibition."

Other than educating visitors on the benefits of investing in unit trusts, the exhibition also provides an opportunity to win daily prizes, such as motorcyles, bicycles, tour and motor insurance vouchers and electrical items.

Yesterday, children were treated to a drawing competition and group visits were organised for students.

Local cartoon characters, Upin and Ipin, were also present to give an inspirational talk to visitors, mostly schoolchildren, under the inspirational icon programme.

Sarawak - 3 headaches for Najib??

KTemoc Konsiders
I read three pieces of really bad news for Najib. As I once explained to a sweetie (who incidentally no longer loves me, sob!), good things come in 'threes', and not from 'trees' as she had believed. These are of course ‘good things’ for Pakatan, but bad news to a very tired Najib who was forced to take up residence in Sarawak during the last 10 days of hectic election campaigning, thanks to his campaign director, Muhyiddin wakakaka.
The first goodie is Lim Kit Siang’s call today for DAP and SNAP to merge.

It’s a brilliant idea because the merger will allow a debilitated SNAP to enjoy DAP support, organizational powers and discipline approach to election campaigning. For example, DAP had prepared for the Sarawak state elections months and months ahead, unlike Azmin Ali’s PKR which thought waltzing in to make a grand entrance at the last moment, coupled with a preemptive stake claim of 52 seats, was adequate for the Wunder Party under the presidential campaign direction of Anwar’s Wunderkind (Wonder Child).

Even the DAP mascot of the Ubah hornbill was carefully selected eons ago, with orders for its production in China obviously made well ahead of the election. Training its candidates and members for the campaign was part of its attention to details, which proved vital to its success.

The DAP brand is today a recognized symbol of political courage, resoluteness and justice which many Sarawakians have come to view with confidence. It would greatly benefit SNAP if their leaders are prepared to make use of it. Even PAS which didn't win any seats realized in their post-mortem they should have made known to the Sarawakians that a vote for PAS was equivalent to a vote for DAP - they were informed by their supporters that many Saawakians voting in their constituencies didn't recognize the 'moon' party symbol but were looking instead for the 'rocket' (which of course was not there on the ballot paper).

In turn, DAP will of course enjoy SNAP's historical connection with the Sarawak heartland, which will help accelerate its presence among the Ibans and other native groups.

I'm delighted that Lim KS has stretched out the DAP's hands to SNAP. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, but which will send a chill down Najib’s spine. I’m particularly sympathetic to SNAP and the Ibans, so here’s an agi idup agi ngelaban to the SNAP members.

The second goodie but again an unpleasant piece of news for poor Najib is contained in the erudite analysis of the election by Malaysiakini correspondent Bridget Welsh. In her article The myths of S'wak polls results, Welsh dismissed the outrageous nonsense by Dr Mahathir of a Chinese racist ‘revolt’ via the ballot box.

According to her, there had been significant, in fact quite earth-shaking swings across the ethnic divides to Pakatan, notably in the Bidayuh and Orang-Ulu majority constituencies. The swings were (rounded up) 20%, 15% and 13.5% respectively in the semi-rural, rural and urban constituencies, thus indicating a far greater swing in the so-called BN heartland than in the urban (Chinese-majority) constituencies. Eat that, Tun.

Thus Welsh assessed that: “The 'safe' seats in the urban periphery are no longer 'safe'. The change in voting pattern reflected not just Chinese support for Pakatan, but Iban and Bidayuh support as well. In fact, what is especially interesting is that the movement in support in rural areas is more than the share in urban areas (although it is important to note that the urban areas have more voters)."

She said the only reason why Pakatan didn’t win more semi-rural seats despite the 20% swing towards them was due to the minuscule support for Pakatan prior to 2011, where it required a 40% swing for the opposition to win. But the 20% swing is still significant in any language, Iban, Malay or Chinese. The frightening outlook for Najib is that the seismic shift has already started. The general election in (latest by) 2013 may see realization of the full effect of a continuing swing towards Pakatan. I believe that both halo and bandwagon effect will help.

She also offered an ominous warning to the BN, stating: "More than anything, these findings point illustrate how much the 'fixed deposit' is no longer secure. Semi-rural and rural cracks in BN support are part of the new Sarawak, a more competitive polity that has become increasingly receptive to a stronger two-party system and critical of BN governance, especially in the areas of corruption."

Welsh noticed the swing to be greatest among the youth of Sarawak, the growing segment of voters for the future. There'll be more of these 18-year olds by 2013. I wonder whether this observation has triggered Najib’s hastily cobbled together 1Malaysia free email offer to the youth?

So no matter what Dr Mahathir has spun sinisterly on his blog, perhaps to re-marshal his pack or to vent his personal frustration at the Chinese Sarawakians or DAP, the facts on the Sarawak ground tells a different story, an unpleasant one which no doubt must have shaken Najib enormously.

from Malaysia Today

2nd Story.

Holly week in Sarawak

Easter prayer for Sarawak and her citizens I am writing this on Holy Week – a time for Christians to think, feel and be holy. It’s one week when Christians should be most charitable, give alms, be exceptionally kind and generous, speak no evil against others and avoid sin at all costs.

Easter marks the end of Lent, a 40-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. The last week of Lent is called Holy Week, and it contains Good Friday, commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Easter Sunday commemorates the Resurrection of the Lord. Easter is followed by a 50-day period called Eastertide or the Easter Season, ending with Pentecost Sunday.

To the Catholic Church, Easter is considered the most important feast in its calendar. In Malaysia, Christmas is more synonymous with Christianity but for Christians, it is Easter which takes precedence over Christmas.

The foundation of the Christian faith is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday therefore, while secular society occupies itself with eggs and rabbits, the Christian church celebrates God’s great triumph over sin, death, and the devil with the ancient greeting: Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Good Friday has been a public holiday for Sarawak and Sabah for decades because of the large Christian population in the two states.

Perhaps it should also be a public holiday in Peninsular Malaysia too as more and more Malaysians have embraced the Christian faith.

It’s coincidental that the aftermath of the Sarawak election saw the entry of Holy Week. Many politicians in the state are Christians and by and large, most have attempted to keep the week holy with little mudslinging in public and venom spewing against each other. We only hear of minor disagreements among political parties and the normal allegations of electoral fraud which is not too bad.

I think that all Christian politicians should call a truce and refrain from attacking each other during Easter Week. What is wining or losing a seat and holding a public post compared to the ultimate sacrifice of the Saviour and Lord who gave His life and died on the Cross to redeem all mankind.

For politicians, there is an election in every five years when you can have another shot at getting elected again. For Jesus, He did not have a second chance. His was the ultimate sacrifice.

Many may be disappointed with the results of the just-concluded Sarawak election. There are also others who are basking in glory in their victory and new-found status.

Whatever it is, it may be prudent to remind all those elected not to think too highly of themselves now that they have been elected as state assembly members. The key word for them to remember is that they are ‘people’s representatives’. In other words, they are elected to serve the people, they are actually servants of the people – the people who voted for them are the bosses, not those elected.

So to the new YBs, let me say this to you: Do not get cocky or be a show-off. There is no need to attempt to live up to your new status by building a big house or buying a flashy car. There is no need to sign up to be a member of a few exclusive clubs or travel first-class. Just live your life as usual, be yourself and don’t lose your head.

I know of a few opposition MPs in West Malaysia who now turn up at functions in a chauffer-driven Mercedes. Previously, they used to hang around mamak stalls enjoying teh tarik with all and sundry. There are also others seen regularly at exclusive golf clubs. Surely, there is no necessity to be so ‘showy’. Becoming a YB should make one more humble, not the other way round.

Well, I wish to start my Easter Vigil today with a thought for the newly elected YBs to stay on course and live up to their duties and responsibilities as elected representatives.

Let us be mindful that we live in a blessed land that was founded on a Constitution based on biblical principles and principles of a belief in God and a belief that the truth will set men free.

On this Christian feast, it is important to pray that every man, woman and child would have the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Let us all humbly encourage all citizens of faith to turn to God so that we may open our hearts in thanksgiving for the blessings we received and to seek strength, wisdom, and encouragement to build a better Sarawak for all.

Sarawak has a rich Christian history and what a gift it is to know that God has blessed us with the right to pray, teach and practice our beliefs in this great home land of ours.

We also pray for those who lead and govern us that God may fill them with wisdom and courage to rule in a fair and just manner.

Finally, let us pray for the strength to continue to stand boldly against tyranny, corruption and abuse of power. We must never forget that our democratic rights are given by God and that they are hated by unfaithful men.

Lord, bless Sarawak and bless all her good citizens.

Sabtu, 23 April 2011

Akaun FB hina Islam

------ MMS ------
From: +60194126667/TYPE=PLMN
Received: Apr 23, 2011 10:22 PM

AKAUN FACEBOOK HINA AGAMA ISLAM Penghinaan terhadap Agama Islam kian menjadi- jadi kebelakangan ini , Terbaru sebuah akaun facebook yg menggunakan profil Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara yang didaftarkan dengan mengunakan akaun face book pemdakwah terkenal Malaysia (Ustazah siti Baayah) telah memaparkan gambar saekor babi diatas KAABAH dan saekor lagi babi sedang membaca AL QURAN. Nampaknya penghinaan demi penghinaan sedang dilakukan terhadap Agama Islam kenapa ini semua berlaku ? Jawabnya kerana orang Islam sendiri tidak mempertahan Agama Islam apabila KALIMAH ALLAH dipertikai oleh kafir laknat kemana perginya Pas-Pkr dan Umno yg berbangsa Melayu beragana Islam. Bercakap saja mempertahankan Agama Islam tetapi apabila Islam dihina kemana perginya mereka yang kononnya memperjuangkan Islam, Drp: Othman Mohd TPPD LMS
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Lata Puteh Batu Kurau Perak

Have to be more as there are no signage beside the road to raise your awareness indicating that the waterfalls is near by. More so when the Waterfall appear above the "tree-tops". The names for the two Waterfalls "Lata Puteh" and "Lata Tebing Tinggi" are picked up by me, following the small insignificant signs at the river crossing the road.

On the other hand, if you are extra perceptive, this was a waterfall that can be seen as soon as road user leaves the small village of Ijok some 5 kilometers away from the Waterfall. It is up high against the slopes in the hills. A white streak. Then about 2 kilometers before reaching the foothills, that white streak can be seen clearly now as a waterfall. The waterfall will remain visible until a distance of half kilometers, then the trees on lower level will conceal it.

Remember - Only obvious if you are traveling from Ijok to Lenggong.

The place ?

You won't believe it, this Waterfall appears in this site as a record. Very often, acquaintances that I met, when they heard that I am quite conversant with Waterfalls in Malaysia, they would talk about the largest Waterfall in Perak. So far I have yet to hear from one who knows of its exact whereabout. Where? Some where in Batu Kurau! So, I had this Waterfall up as record with a question? Have you really stop your car and look at it, leave alone confirming its whereabouts.

Since I first saw the Waterfall some years back, I have being trying to confirm whether it was possible to river trek from the main road to the foot of the waterfall.

In 2004, I had that chance to make that long awaited trip. The place had somewhat changed from the first time I saw the waterfall. The view of the Waterfall improved and can be seen from very close range. Years ago, I could only see it from distances of kilometers. I thought I had to trek the river to reach upstream, hopefully to place near its base.

Good news is - The base near the waterfall was cleared and the water works department had condoned up the area as well. The bad news was - We had to break into the compound to hike up to the point where the water dropped. No problem! The fencing was broken into in many sections. But still after scaling the very steep hill sloop, we couldn't find traces of the waterfall. It must have hit the ground and scattered among the boulders. Meaning all of us, would expect some sort of pool at the base of the waterfall. No, we did not. The water recollected beneath the boulders and flowed out as a stream.

So this is one waterfall for viewing and photography only. No recommendation and you need not get yourself prepared.

Strange! Isn't it? There are destination that you can only see.

MY recommendation ?

I know that my friend Jan had climb higher and finally reached the base of the waterfall. I am not going to suggest you doing that - nor recommending that you do anything.

Just telling you it can be climbed. That the place is worth visiting to clear the record and for you to take pictures.

Anwar Ibrahim Nak Tawan Perak walaupun kalah teruk di Sarawak

23 April 2011 (Sabtu)
1) 5.00 ptg – Hi-Tea di Pulau Pangkor
Lokasi : Sungai Pinang Besar, Pulau Pangkor
1. YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
2. YBhg Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty
3. YBhg Dato’ Dr Yap Yit Thong
2) 8.00 – Perasmian Pejabat KeADILan Cabang Lumut
3) 9.00 – 12.00 mlm – Ceramah Perdana 1 – Ubah Sekarang/Selamatkan Malaysia
Lokasi: Teluk Rubiah, Jalan Manjung, Lumut
1. YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
2. YBhg Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty
3. YB Kesavan
4. YB Ng Swee Lim
5. YB Khalid Idham Lim
4) 9.00 – 12.00 mlm – Ceramah Perdana 2 – Ubah Sekarang/Selamatkan Malaysia
Lokasi: Markas PAS Titi Gantung, Bota
1. YB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
2. YBhg Dr Muhammad Nur Manuty
3. YBhg Mustafa Kamil Ayub
4. YBhg Kapt (B) Haji Usaili Alias
5. Sdri Siti Aisyah Lamsah
6. YBhg Anuar Zakaria

65 Kg Melayu Kepong Landowners Get 99 Year Lease Extension

Sixty-five landowners in Kampung Melayu FRI Kepong, Mukim Batu here are all smiles after getting a 99 year lease extension to their properties.

The original landowners of Kampung Melayu Kepong Fasa 1 and 2 were given a 60 year lease by Selangor authorities before the existence of Federal Territory in 1974.

Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin presented lease extension letters to the 65 landowners here Saturday.

Kampung Melayu Kepong was built in 1968 under three phases. Phase 1 and phase 2 landowners were given a 60 year lease while those under phase 3 got a 99 year lease.

Nong Chik said the Kuala Lumpur Land Committee only charge Kampung Melayu Kepong landowners five percent premium of the market price.

"The Kuala Lumpur Property Valuation Department estimates the current land market value in Kampung Melayu Kepong at RM400 per square metre," he added.

Landowners were given incentives to settle the premiums promptly including a 10 percent discount for lump sum payment one month after receiving notice from the Land and Mines Office.

Little leopard killed in road accident

IPOH, Perak: A little leopard that had somehow run out from the jungle was accidentally killed in a road accident.
Leopards are a protected species. The little leopard a foot long (including its tail) and it had black spots on its body that was light brown in colour. The accident took place near to a cement factory near to a jungle.
The carcass of the leopard was found by a 26-year-old Indian reporter named Linjiswana. He said that when he was driving along the road to Ipoh, he found that there was a carcass of an animal lying at the roadside.
Hence he stopped his car to check on it and found that it was indeed a dead little leopard that was believed to have been killed in a road accident.
-My Sinchew/Asia News Network

Perak Malay Contractors Urge For 30 Pct Share Of State's Mega Projects

The Perak Malay Contractors Association Malaysia (PKMM) is urging the state government to ensure that 30 per cent of works in mega projects in the state be channelled to local Bumiputera contractors.

Its Chairman Datuk Wira Jamaluddin Abdul Rahim said Bumiputera contractors now had the experience and capacities to participate in mega projects.

He said the state government's intervention was important to ensure the participation of local contractors as many mega projects in the past had been given out to contractors outside the state.

"PKMM also has the capacity in terms of capital and experience to complete the works on par with contractors from other states," he said at a press conference here today.

Jamaluddin also expressed hope that there would be a distribution in the works for two upcoming mega projects in the state, namely the highway connecting Ipoh with Selama near the Perak/Kedah border and the construction of the Jana Manjung 2 power plant in Lumut.

The two projects are estimated to be RM10 billion in worth, he said.

"It would be sufficient to give a 30 per cent share to PKMM members and the rest could be given to other contractors via open tenders," he added.

Mimpi Zaid Ibrahim

Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (KITA) will focus on Kelantan in the next general election besides contesting elsewhere outside the state where winning is a possibility, said its president Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

"KITA has its roots in Kelantan and, for this reason, we're focusing more on the state. But matters pertaining to candidates and constituencies haven't been decided yet," he told reporters after launching the new party here Saturday.

According to him, KITA had been well-received by the people and he was confident that it would be a party of choice in the future.

Earlier, in his speech, Zaid said Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should step down due to moral issues that he faced.

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Pas sambut kenyataan Mat Maslan

Pas sedia berbaik dengan UMNO bila-bila masa demi perpaduan Melayu dan Islam tapi perlu berpaksi kepada dasar Islam - Harun Taib
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Protest votes by Orang Ulu?

MIRI: The state government should take heed of the protest votes of the Orang Ulu community against the RM3bil Baram Dam project during the recent state election.

Miri Orang Ulu National Association chairman Peter Kallang said an assessment of the election results for Telang Usan showed that all those living in areas affected by the construction of the dam had voted against Barisan Nasional.

The project, now at the initial stage of land clearing, is located not far from Long Kesseh. At least 25 longhouses, with a total population of some 20,000, will have to be relocated once the construction proper starts.

Kallang, who is also the Miri Sarawak Kenyah Association chairman, said it was still not too late for the state government to abort the construction of the dam.

"During the campaign ceramah and meet-the-people sessions and dialogues with the people of Telang Usan, this dam was always mentioned. They clearly stated their unhappiness with the project and have repeatedly urged the BN leaders to stop it.

"The Barisan government must listen to the people or else they may even lose the Baram parliamentary seat during the coming general elections," he said.

Kallang said the fact that Barisan's Telang Usan candidate, Dennis Ngau from PBB, won with a majority of only 875 votes in a four-cornered fight showed that there has been a drastic drop in support for the coalition.

"Usually, BN wins with a big majority. This result shows that the Orang Ulu are unhappy. It was the Iban voters in areas not affected by the Baram Dam project who voted for the BN. Without these Iban votes, the BN would have lost Telang Usan," he stressed.

Ngau polled 3,597 votes; while PKR's Harrison Ngau garnered 2,752 votes, SNAP's Kebing Wan (705) and independent candidate Jok Ding (623).
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Immigration man jailed and fined over false claims

IPOH: A Perak Immigration deputy assistant director was jailed two weeks and fined RM10,000 for making a false transport claim totalling RM700 three years ago.

Sessions Court judge Julie Lack Abdullah ordered Nazly Abdul Rahman to serve an additional three months’ jail if he failed to pay the fine.

Nazly, 46, who was attached to the Teluk Intan Immigration Department branch, made the false claim between March 16 and April 22, 2008, at the state headquarters here.

He was charged under Section 11(c) of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997, which provides for a jail term of up to 20 years, a fine five times the value of the gratification, or RM10,000, whichever is higher, or both.

Julie allowed Nazly a stay of execution on the jail sentence pending an appeal.

Nazly, who was represented by Ahmad Zaidi Zainal, paid the fine.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission deputy public prosecutor Mohd Shahrullah Khan Nawab Zadah Khan prosecuted.